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Zions Bank Routing Number

Zions bank is a well known name in the financial market of western states of USA, especially in Utah where the bank has its headquarters in the Salt Lake City. The bank has various services for its customers including the well known wire transfer service. For the same, there is requirement of a special code known as routing number. At this point, the question you may have in your mind “What is Zions Bank Routing Number?”. So for your assistance, we are giving here full details on Zions Bank Routing number.

What is Zions Bank routing number?

The Zions bank routing number is a special 9 digit number which is assigned by American bankers association to the Zions bank. This number is also known as ABA routing number and is different for different banks and even branches of same bank. The number is required not only for wire transfers but also for some other services like direct deposit or automatic clearance house (ACH) services.

Zions Routing number may vary for different locations, information of which can be easily availed by having a look up on your Zions bank checks which contains the Zions bank routing number of your branch printed on the left corner of it. This number, which is of 9 digits, is of utmost importance as wire transfers, ACH services and direct deposits are required by every one frequently. In case, one is unable to find the routing number of the bank, the Zions bank customer service is always there to seek help when any one dial the customer service phone number at 1-800-974-8800. You can even check the FAQs on the Zions bank website to get the routing number of the bank. In general, the Zions bank routing number is 124000054.

Zions First National Bank has its prominence presence in Utah and Idaho with its branches in cities like Logan, Orem etc. You can easily check for routing numbers of all these branches on the checks or statements or by talking to bank’s representatives on customer service number. The bank also has its branches in California which may have even different routing number. So it is advisable to check routing number always printed on negotiable instrument of bank before proceeding for wire transfers which one can easily do from the Zions bank savings account or checking accounts.

The Zions Bank routing number given above is a general one as per records of the bank. Also, it may be noted that for some transactions, a customer ID may also be required which bank issues at the time of enrollment though same can be retrieved by contacting the bank at 1-800-840-4999.

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