Wells Fargo Personal Loans
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Wells Fargo Personal Loans

A well known financial institution in the US having its branches in about 50 states of the country, Wells Fargo bank is committed to give the excellent service to its customers with its wide variety of products and services. The bank has a wide gamut of products which it offers to its customers covering nearly all the financial aspects. The bank has a wide variety of loans to support its customers in case they need funds to overcome various financial obligations like home loans, student loans, auto loans and personal loans in countries like UK, USA and Canada.

Wells Fargo personal loans are customized to help them get rid of various unplanned and planned expenses and also to consolidate their debts. These loans are ideal for borrowers who are paying off high-interest debt with a fixed interest rate and a fixed monthly payment. The bank offers some variety with personal loans and lines of credit which are:

Personal Unsecured Loans: Normal Personal Loans with no need of any collateral or security.
Personal Secured Loans (CD/Savings Secured Loan): This comes with even lower annual percentage rate by providing approved collateral to secure loan.
Personal Line of Credit: Best for managing finances and is a revolving line of credit with no collateral required.
Portfolio Line of Credit (Secured Personal Line of Credit): It is best for managing finances and gives a lower annual percentage rate with Wells Fargo Savings or CDs security.

Wells Fargo Personal Loans Benefits

Wells Fargo Personal Loans come with bundled benefits and power features. These loans are meant to minimize your problems and its benefits are meant to do the same. The various benefits and advantages associated with Wells Fargo Personal Loans are:
  • Immediate access to funds
  • Simple application process.
  • Funds for planned and unplanned expenses like medical bills, auto repairs, home improvements, holidays, etc.
  • Debt Consolidation: Which is made even easier with Debt Pay Down Solution.
  • Low minimum loan amounts – as one can borrow as little as $3,000.

Also it helps the customers with bad credit who are finding it difficult to build up their credit score to a good level. Customers must note that the rate associated with an unsecured personal loan is a bit higher than secured personal loans. Customers can make their personal loans secured to enjoy even lower rates by securing their loans with their CD or savings account.

Wells Fargo Personal Loan Application

It is not hard to get Wells Fargo Personal Loan. The Loans seekers can apply online, by phone or by visiting any nearby branch in person. Customers must note that at present, Wells Fargo is accepting online and phone applications for Personal Loans and Line of Credit only from customers having a Wells Fargo Checking or Savings account that has been opened for last 1 year or more. Customers who are not having the same can apply in person at any Wells Fargo Store location.

For applying on phone or online, borrowers need to have some information which they need to provide to the bank. This includes:
  • Personal and Contact Information: Name, Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth, Mother’s Maiden Name, Home telephone number, email address, current address and mailing address etc.
  • Employment And Income information: including occupation, employer name, work phone number, gross monthly income amount and sources of incomes and monthly mortgage or rent payment amount.
  • Loan Information: consisting of type of loan or line borrowers want to apply for, desired term, loan or line amount, preferred payment due date and vehicle information.
  • Additional Documents: bank may ask for some additional information once the online application is reviewed. This includes recent pay stubs, W2s, or tax returns; Utility bills, copy of Driver’s Licenses or Social Security Card, copy of purchase order or bill of sale for auto loans

Wells Fargo Personal Loan Online

Borrowers who have applied for personal loans from Wells Fargo can easily manage their accounts online with Wells Fargo Online. This is a free service and customers can get themselves enrolled for the same to enjoy the access. Once borrowers sign up, they can log on to their account with their login credentials to get access to various features like:
  • View balances, account history and transaction details.
  • Advance available funds from line of credit to Wells Fargo Checking or Savings account.
  • Make payments by transferring funds from their Wells Fargo Bank accounts.
  • Set up automatic payments.
  • Sign up for Bill Pay
Customers can also check their application status online.

Wells Fargo Personal Loan Calculator

Wells Fargo assists the loan seekers at the time they need assistance most with the help of their personal loan calculators available on the official website of the bank. The bank understands its not easy to reach to a decision for applying a loan and hence they help the borrowers by helping them reaching a conclusion by checking various rate and payment options available to them using various calculators. Wells Fargo provides its customers with calculators on its official website for their assistance in the name of:

Rate and Payment Calculator: Using this, customers can calculate their monthly payments by providing a few details like loan amount, term and type of loan along with the state they are applying in.

Debt Consolidation Calculator: Using this, customers can check what their monthly payments will be for various types of debts they already have by providing some details like location, type of debt, APR of debt and current balance.

To furnish the state name i.e. Virginia, Washington, Maryland, New York (NY), Florida (FL), etc. is a must as the rate and the features may vary for different locations.

Wells Fargo Personal Loan Customer Service

Wells Fargo has a dedicated customer service center for all its products and services and personal loan department is not an exception. Customers can contact the customer service representative any time to seek quality assistance for any type of trouble they have related to personal loans and lines of credit. Customers can also lodge complaints, make inquiries, gather more information on various loan related activities like payoff, loan settlement, deferment etc. Customers can also go through the FAQ section on the official website of the bank to find answers to common questions like loan approval, qualification criteria, loan requirements etc. and can check various forums to find out customers’ reviews and ratings of Wells Fargo Personal loan products.

Customers can reach the customer service center either by calling on their contact number, or by sending email or an ordinary mail at their mailing address. Various important telephone numbers of the concerned department of Wells Fargo bank are given here for customers’ reference:

To apply on phone and General Customer Service: 1-888-667-5250

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