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Wells Fargo Overdraft

Wells Fargo overdraft service provides the customer a convenient way of escaping the embarrassment of getting their checks bounced or returned, unexpectedly, due to insufficient fund availability in their checking account. The functionality is very simple and beneficial for the customers. In case a customer faces the problem of having insufficient funds in their account, on making some purchases, through their debit or credit card, the bank automatically covers up the difference by transferring the funds from the other linked up accounts. Customers do not have to pay any fee for getting themselves enrolled into the Wells Fargo overdraft facility. You can add convenience and flexibility in your banking experience by simply linking your Wells Fargo checking account with the bank’s credit card or debit card so as to play safe at the time of unexpected overdrafts.

Wells Fargo Overdraft Protection

Wells Fargo Overdraft Protection comes into play when a person faces any financial problem due to lack of funds present in his or her accounts. The protection policy provides covers for inadequate availability of funds by making payments for situations like money withdrawal, automatic payments or to cover checks from getting bounced and many similar situations. Thus, this facility provides the customer protections from getting embarrassed, the ability to pay bills on time and peace of mind for not worrying about the availability of funds in the time of need. A person can link his or her checking account to an eligible account by making an online requesting for the overdraft protection.

Wells Fargo Overdraft Fee

Customers get charged for the Wells Fargo Overdraft Fee only when they use the facility. This implies that one can enroll for the overdraft protection policy free of cost. The fee charges depend upon the account type to which one’s checking account is linked for the overdraft protection. If the checking account is linked to a savings account, a daily fee of $12.50 is applicable in a single day. On linking a credit card, the fee depends upon the total amount of the fund transfers made in a day. However, no fee is charged on adding a debit card to the overdraft service. The bank charges an excess activity fee when a customer exceeds the pre defined and agreed Wells Fargo overdraft limits.

Below mentioned are the overdraft fee charges for various situations:

Overdraft Protection AdvancesFees
if the total of overdraft protection advances for the day is $50 or less$12.50
if the total of overdraft protection advances for the day is greater than $50$20

Wells Fargo Overdraft Customer Service

Customers can reach the bank’s Customer Service in order to know detailed information about Wells Fargo overdraft forgiveness, grace period or fee waived facility, maximum withdrawal limit, transfer fee, refunds and rules associated with this protection plan. One can request for temporarily disabling the overdraft protection feature in case a customer gets his or her credit card lost or stolen. Customers can speak with the bank’s representatives for various departments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling on to the below mentioned Wells Fargo Overdraft department phone number.

To add Debit Card Overdraft Service to your account by phone call on: 1-877-804-4883
For general queries speak with a Wells Fargo banker at: 1-800-869-3557.

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