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TD Bank Wire Transfer

Sending or receiving money while you travel or to the overseas is easy with TD Bank. All your foreign transactions are manageable with the help of a huge range of services and products from the bank. If you want to wire money internationally, then you should make use of TD Bank Wire Transfer. SWIFT, which is an international communications system, takes in the international wire transfers and an arranged settlement is made between banks individually. Wire transfer is a fast way of making payments abroad as the beneficiary is able to access the funds in time. All that you require for sending an international wire transfer is the information of your recipient. You can receive or send wire payments with TD Bank Wire Transfer at any place around the world with the help of the bank’s extensive network of correspondent banks. Wire transfer through TD Bank is not only reliable and effectual, but also timesaving.

There are many foreign currencies in which the TD Bank Wire Transfer is made available. For sending an international wire, you need to have certain information with you, the details of which are provided below:

1. The recipient’s full name, address which includes the country, city and state/province, and the account number. IBAN (International Banking Account Number) is required for the European Zone countries.

2. The financial institution’s name and address that includes the country, city and state/province, where the funds will be received.

3. The transfer amount and the currency as well.

Although TD Bank Wire Transfers are quick and secure, some transactions might take a while compared to the others which depends on the currency being sent. If you want to receive an International US Dollar wire or a domestic wire transfer to your TD Bank account, you need to have certain information as well. The bank which is sending the wire transfer needs to be provided with the following details:
  • Wire to TD Bank, Wilmington, Delaware.
  • The ABA or the routing number, which is 031101266.
  • The customer’s name, the account of whom is to be credited.
  • The Account number.

For an international non – US Dollar wire payment, you are supposed to provide some details to the originator to receive the money to your TD Bank account. The instructions for the Incoming Foreign Currency Wire Payment are given below:
  • The SWIFT Code of the correspondent Bank - TDOMCATTTOR.
  • The name of the correspondent bank – The Toronto-Dominion Bank, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • For further credit to - TD Bank Store Address: Street, City, State, Country.
  • In Favor of Beneficiary Full Name and Address – The name and address given on your TD Bank account statement.
  • In Favor of Beneficiary Account Number – the TD Bank account number given on your statement.

TD Bank Wire Transfer Online

TD Bank Wire Transfer can be sent easily online with its same day wire transfer service, which is a more convenient and essentially secure method. You just need to fill the banking information of the beneficiary on the wire transfer form online and click on Send Wire. The wire instructions that are received before 5pm EST will be processed on the same day while those received after 5pm EST or on a Saturday, Sunday or a banking holiday will be processed on the next business day. You can add a domestic wire template, view details of your pending wires, view the wire history and do a lot more.

The fee or cost for TD Bank Wire Transfer is $15 for incoming wires whether domestic or international, $25 for domestic outgoing wire and $40 for international outgoing wire. You can check online on the bank’s website or contact the TD Bank store for further information. If you have any questions or want to know more about TD Bank Wire Transfer, you can contact the customer service department and speak to the representative by dialing the phone number 888-BNG-INTL (888-264-4685).

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