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TD Bank Home Equity

The most useful option to benefit from the equity you’ve created at your home is the TD Bank Home Equity. Through its Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit, you can have the financial support to do whatever you wish to do as it is extremely simple and most definitely a very intelligent choice. No matter what you need is, Home Equity from TD Bank will help you fulfill it. If you want to improve your home, buy a new car, send your children to college for studies or consolidate your credit card debt, TD Bank Home Equity ahs the correct solution for you. Get rid of finance related worries as your sole support is here. Let us find out more about it and understand it in depth.

TD Bank Home Equity Loan

Through the TD Bank Home Equity Loan, the monthly payments are predictable which makes it all the more easier for budgeting. The monthly payment plus the loan interest rate is fixed and you also get a Payment Protection Coverage where you can get your monthly minimum payments cancelled if you are facing an unfortunate loss of income due to some disability, involuntary job loss or accidental death. You can learn more about this debt cancellation program on the bank’s website. The TD Bank Home Equity Loan fired rate is pretty low, which is at 3.79% APR with 120 month term. You can also check for all the Home Equity loan rates on the website.

TD Bank Home Equity Line of Credit

With the help of TD Bank Home Equity Line of Credit, you are able to draw just the funds that you need and also whenever you need them depending on your credit limit. These funds are made available to you through check or direct transfer and you can easily manage and control your account with TD Bank Online Banking. The minimum line is $10,000 while there are no minimum draw requirements. The Home Equity Line of Credit rate is 2.75% APR, which is pretty low. The variable rate attached to Prime is lower and you have a fixed rate option as well as Payment Protection coverage. You get Visa EquityAccess Card through which you can make huge purchases or advance cash using the money in your TD Bank Home Equity Line of Credit.

The TD EquityAccess Plus has the same benefits as the normal line of credit but also has an access card that includes rewards and optional overdraft service. Through TD Bank Visa® EquityAccess PLUS Rewards Card you are able to access your line of credit wherever Visa is accepted and earn rewards points after enrolling for Visa Extras on your purchases made everyday.

TD Bank Home Equity Calculator

The TD Bank Home Equity Calculator is a very useful tool when it comes to finding the available home equity rates and terms. You are able to find this depending upon the amount you want to borrow and the location of your property. In the loan calculator, you have to enter the loan information such as the amount of loan you want to borrow, the value of your property, the full amount of your current mortgage and the zip code of the location of your property. In this way, you are easily able to calculate the rates and your payment. Other calculators, such as the loan prepayment calculator and the debt consolidation calculator are also available on the website.

TD Bank Home Equity Application

You can apply for TD Bank Home Equity online. The Home Equity Application takes not more than 15 minutes and after completion, it reviews within one business day. there are about 8 steps to finish it in which the first step is to enter the details of your loan information like the property location, property information, current loan information and f your mortgage information. The other steps require details of personal information, income/employment, property information, monthly expenses, closing store, payment protector after which the application is finished. You can also quit or save your application for later and continue with it by a simple login through your Username and Password.

If you need to know more about TD Bank Home Equity or need information of the line of credit payoff, payment address or qualifications requirement, you can contact the customer service department on the phone number 800-937-5020 and speak to the lending specialist.

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