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TD Bank Debit Card

TD Bank Debit Card has made life easier and convenient, especially for the youth. With a debit card you can bank and shop wherever you want across the globe anytime you feel like. Get rid of cash and having to go to the bank every now to withdraw it. You can also save a lot of money as there are no charges for accessing your card. The TD Bank Debit Card is available in one of the best and stylish designs, which is an additional advantage. You can also use your debit card while you are traveling abroad at a bank overseas for your purchases, although some international fees might be charged and the use may also be restricted in few countries. There a range of benefits that you will be able to enjoy once you issue for a debit card by TD Bank. The services that are offered to you along with the card are numerous and also shift your convenience level to the maximum. So let us look at all the features of this debit card. The TD Bank Debit Card is available in two options. One is the Personal Debit Card and the other is the Business Debit Card.

TD Bank Personal Debit Card

With the TD Bank Personal Debit Card, you can bank anytime and from anywhere at your convenience. It is a better and quick way of accessing your money without having to write checks. There are no penalties or fees charged to access your cash for making daily purchases. You can enjoy online shopping, make cash withdrawal, pay bills or set up for recurring payments, check balance online or in an ATM and transfer funds instantly from one account to the other. You are also able to access all of the TD Bank and TD Canada Trust ATMs, absolutely free of cost. Your TD Bank Visa Debit Card can be used wherever Visa debit cards are accepted which includes all ATM locations across the globe. The benefits of this debit card include Visa Extras where you will be earning points when you use your Visa Debit Card for the qualifying purchases made by you each day and you also get rewards through restaurants and retailers such as Starbucks Coffee Company and When you shop online, you will be able to get coupon and discounts on various deals that can be redeemed at several merchants of your choice. Another benefit is the Visa Zero Liability Policy, according to which you will not be held liable for the online purchases or signature based transactions made by you at merchants, in case your TD Bank Debit card is lost or stolen and has been used for fraudulent activities.

TD Bank Business Debit Card

With the bank’s Business Visa Debit Card, you are able to manage your business related banking more efficiently and conveniently. You can make purchases, pay bills, set daily limits like purchase limit and withdrawal limit for each card, check balance, withdraw cash and transfer funds from one account to the other. You can issue 15 of your staff members with the debit card per account which has no annual fees. The need for writing checks and needing cash for little things will lessen. You can also track the spending of your money. You can access TD ATMs from Maine to Florida and the ATMs all across Canada which will be free of cost. The benefits of this TD Bank Debit Card include Visa Extras where you earn points for the purchases you make and also get rewards from retailers such as Marriot and Avis. The benefits also include Visa Zero Liability Policy and online coupons as mentioned above, and also Visa Liability Waiver Program through which you will get the security and coverage for the loss suffered because of the misuse of the card by an employee.

The newly created flat TD Bank Visa Debit Card has been brought up which you can order and wait for in your mail. It functions exactly like your older card and no features have been compromised. It can be used wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Through this card you can keep your already existing rewards points or sign up to earn rewards right away. You get protection from theft and fraud through the Visa Zero Liability Policy. You can pay bills or make recurring monthly payments and enjoy online services like TD Bank BusinessDirect and Personal Online Banking. For your card activation, you can call 888-553-4122 and after activating it, the card and the pin number will remain the same or you can change it. It will have a new expiration date and 3 digit code.

TD Bank Debit Card Advance

TD Bank offers optional overdraft services with its personal checking accounts, which is known as TD Debit Card Advance. With this service, one is able to avoid their debit card from being declined. You have to sign up for this service where you use your debit card as normal and an authorization for ATM transactions or one-time debit card purchases may be done if your account doesn’t have enough money. A fee of $35 is applied for every transaction that overdraws the account by more than $5 at the end of the business day, created by debit card, in-person, check or through other electronic medium. If your account balance is negative for 10 consecutive business days, then one-time sustained overdraft fees of $20 is charged. TD Debit Card Advance is not the same as other types of overdraft coverage as funds are not transferred from an approved line of credit, home equity line of credit or savings account. You can visit the website for more information.

TD Bank Debit Card Customer Service

To know more about the TD Bank Debit Card, you can dial the customer service phone number and also discuss all your disputes, questions and problems if you face any. The help will be given to on the very same day as the customer service is open 24/7. You can dial the same number if you want to make any changes or if your TD Bank Debit Card is not working properly. If you want to know more about topics like the spending limit, age requirement, card cancellation or renewal, foreign transaction fees, grocery promotion, security code, etc. you can also log in to the website of TD Bank for detailed information.

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