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SunTrust Routing Number

Suntrust Routing number is a type of number which is mentioned on the left bottom of every bank check located in between two symbols. Basically, the routing number is a nine digit number that identifies the bank, financial institution or check processing center from where the particular negotiable instrument was drawn. It is also known by the name of ABA transit number. It is used by the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to perform direct deposits and funds, wire transfers and other automated transfers.

The routing numbers are used mainly to transfer funds, direct deposit and many more. The transit number of the Suntrust Bank differs from one location to another. Due to some security reasons, the bank never provides customers with routing number online to avoid scams. If you are having banking relation with the bank and are without check, then you need to step in the nearest bank branch or can contact at 800.786.8787 and talk to bank representative in between 6 a.m. to midnight ET, seven days a week.

How to Find Suntrust Routing Number Online

Finding Suntrust Bank Routing number is very easy. You can take any check of the Suntrust Bank and find it out.

Suntrust Routing Number

The first nine numbers in the bottom left most corner is the routing number of the financial institution or the bank. It is then followed by an account number, if you have more than one account then there will be separate account numbers. However, the Suntrust number may is upto 13 digits only. Then, comes the ACH Routing Transit number which is mainly used for automatic debit to your account for all your payments. Last but not the least is the check number which is a four digit number.

You should always remember that if a retiring Routing Transit Number is used for your Direct Deposit you will receive a Notification of Change message via sms or an email. The bank might ask you for a new Direct Deposit Set Up form and hence while completing the Set Up form, use the new universal SunTrust ACH Routing Transit number 061000104 along with your bank account number. The ACH Routing Transit number will appear on your next check at the bottom in the extreme left side or it might also appear at the right of the SunTrust logo. The ACH Routing Transit number for Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee is 061000104.

If you wish to make a wire transfer within the U.S., you must provide the bank with your SunTrust account number, Name, complete street address and other crediting information of the receiver which includes bank’s name, complete branch address, routing number, recipient’s name, and the account number.

SunTrust Routing Number List

CityRouting Number
Atlanta, GA061000104
Johnson City, TN064200749
Tampa Bay063106569
West Memphis, AR084006952
Washington DC-

Last Updated On: 2012/07/18

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