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SunTrust Auto Loans

SunTrust Bank offers a wide variety of financing options including automobile loans to potential borrowers in the country. It is one of the largest auto loan providers in America. Whatever vehicle you plan to buy, be it a car or a truck, you can get a hassle free, quick auto loan with the bank. SunTrust Auto Loans are always the first option when it comes to vehicle purchase or financing as it comes along with a variety of easy financing option, competitive interest rates and a fast and easy approval process whether you’re buying new or a second hand vehicle, from a dealer or a private seller.

You can choose from a variety of loan terms that suit your needs, and if you’re already a SunTrust client you may qualify for additional savings. There are various types of auto loans provided by the bank. So what are you waiting for? Find and finance your next car and enjoy low prices on pre-owned cars.

Given below are the types of auto loans which one can get from SunTrust:

New Auto Loans: This loan is for those who want to purchase a new car. The New Auto Loan provides a low interest rate and loan for up to 7 years. The most important benefit is that you get the loan approval within 24 hours of applying.

Used Auto Loans: As the name suggests, you can get this loan for purchasing a used cars. It’s very easy to get a Used Car Loan whether you are buying from a dealer or a private seller. The main benefit of this loan is that you are provided with the option of choosing the monthly repayment amount.

Auto Buying Service: With SunTrust auto buying service you can get finance the vehicle according to your choice whether it’s a new car or a used car based on your preferences by searching from thousands of used inventory online. You just need to compare price, model year, gas mileage along with reviews and other features. Once vehicle is selected, you can contact local Certified Dealers for a schedule test drive. When you purchase new car from Certified Dealers you get a discounted interest rate on the Auto loan.

SunTrust Auto Loan Refinance

The main objective of auto loan refinancing is to save money on the monthly car repayment. The interest rates are also competitive. However, you can contact a SunTrust loan specialist to know how much money can be saved and what will be the right refinancing option for you. For knowing more about auto loan refinance interest rates you can dial the contact number 800.279.4824 and talk to the SunTrust lending specialist. You can also visit the nearest bank branch for more details.

SunTrust Auto Loan Application

Applying for a SunTrust Auto Loan is very easy. You just need the following documents to apply for the auto loan:
  • Personal information, including home address, phone number, and social security number.
  • Name and phone number of employer.
  • Financial obligations, including account numbers, balances and payment amounts.
  • Asset balance information (deposit accounts, 401(K), brokerage accounts, etc.)
  • Co-applicant information, if applicable.
You have to access the official website of the bank and download the application form online. After downloading it you need to fill the form with all the relevant details like primary, vehicle, personal financial information, accept all the terms and conditions and submit the application to SunTrust. In addition you can also provide your information over phone by dialing the contact number 1800.786.8787 anytime, day or night. You can view your application status after a few days.

SunTrust Auto Loan Rates

The bank offers competitive rates for fixed auto loan terms. The interest rate for the loan period is determined by the loan repaying capability of borrowers, loan amount, time period and the vehicle type that you are going to buy. You can receive auto loan rate as low as 0.75% depending upon your credibility and financial status. There are several auto loan terms offered at competitive rates which one can choose as per need. The used auto loan rates are as low as 3.28% APR but Standard APRs range from 3.78% to 13.87%. Once you have made up your mind to buy a particular vehicle, the bank will assist you in getting the vehicle financed.

SunTrust Auto Loan Payoff

If you want to know how you can payoff your SunTrust auto loan, you can do it in following ways:

Online: Making auto loan payment was never so easy. With the Online Banking service you can manage your auto loan account by a simple sign in and get enrolled online. If you have a checking account, then you can login to Online Banking for making online payment of your auto loan.

Bank Branch: You can step in to the nearest SunTrust branch for your auto loan payoff.

SurePay: You can use SunTrust Mortgage's Electronic Payment Service to make payments automatically from your checking or savings account.

Mail: You can also send regular and overnight payment at payoff address.

Phone: You can make payment by payoff phone number 1800.279.4824. You may opt for Prepayment of your principal balance before the due date. However according to the loan agreements, you may be required to pay special fees or prepayment charges as penalties if you plan to payoff your loan amount earlier.

SunTrust Auto Loan Department

SunTrust provides an unmatched customer service to its auto loan borrowers. You can reach the loan officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for making any query or information on your auto loan application status. You can for the auto loan by calling on the auto loan phone number 1800.279.4824. If you are planning to get an auto loan from SunTrust, then it is advisable for you to use the auto loan calculator to find out the best available loan term along with affordable repayment options as per your income. For more information on the current rates, offer codes, insurance and lien holder address or want to check auto loan balance, you can speak to the SunTrust representative by dialing the contact number 800.279.4824 or you can also can chat with officer on the bank’s website.

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