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Sovereign Bank Online Banking

Today almost all the people access their account online and that is the most important reason as to why online banking services are quite popular among the banks. Once you are logged in to online banking with just one click you can get a snapshot of your account transactions activity including the summary of day’s deposits and with drawls along with the details of the day’s pending activities and you can also review your most recent day activity. If you need more information you can use the quick search feature and use all available activities. You can also use the advanced search option if you are looking for a particular item that has cleared your account.

You can also view the image of your recently issued checks of both the front and back. The Online banking feature also enables you to download all your account history. You can also enroll yourself for Sovereign Bank online banking by providing important information like Social Security Number, Current address, Account number, Date of birth, Phone number and email address and other's maiden name.

Following are the features of Sovereign online Banking:
  • You have the convenience of the online banking anytime and from anywhere.
  • No annual fees are charged for using the services of Online Banking.
  • You can also make fund transfers more smoothly.
  • Facility of using numerous services like online bill pay, getting monthly bank statements, paying of auto loans, paying through credit card and many more.

Sovereign Bank Online Transfer

You can also transfer funds easily by clicking the transfer funds link and selecting the accounts you wish to transfer. You can even set up future dated or recurring transfers to avoid overdraft of your savings account automatically. In addition o this you can also view any pending transfers by clicking any appropriate link. Sovereign online Banking gives you complete control.

You can even place a stop payment that you have written from your personal checking account by clicking on the stop payment tab and click submit. It is very important that you log off each time to ensure that you have safely and securely saved your session.

Sovereign Bank Online Login

You have to first complete the enrollment or registration process online banking login page either through your Social Security number or account number and then login into your account. The login process is very easy. It is a two step process that is given below:

Step-1: To access your account enter your user id in the first time login screen and click submit.

Step-2: In this step you will view the security image that you choose during registration, if the image is correct then you will enter your password and login.

However, it is important to remember that you might be asked to answer one of the security questions that you have answered during the registration process incase you are trying to login from another computer. The Bank also gives you the option of changing the password for safety and security. You can change your login details by clicking on the change login preferences tab. Once you are logged in you will get a snapshot of all your account activity or any other account related information. After successful login you can now make an account access anytime and from anywhere.

Sovereign Bank Online Customer Service

If you want to know more about the online banking services offered or have any issues with the Sovereign Bank services, then you can contact the customer service department for the help. You can speak with a Personal Banking Representative by dialing the number 877.SOV.BANK(768-2265). You may also solve your queries by submitting your questions online after providing relevant information like Email id, Subject and Question.

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