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Sallie Mae Debit Card

Sallie Mae is always committed to bring financial flexibility in the life of the students so that funding or financing does not act as a barrier in education. All the products and services are aimed towards making the life of the students easier. One such product is the Sallie Mae Debit Card which is also known as MyFlexCard. It is basically a type of reloadable MasterCard that is used for refund disbursements. You can reload the disbursement amount according to your need and use the card. Not only this, you can also use the card to pay for purchasing books, fund the hostel expenses, pay for meals, travels and many more. The Sallie Mae Debit Card can be used at all the locations wherever the MasterCards are accepted and can be used to withdraw cash from the ATM, do online shopping. All the funds in the card up to $100,000 are insured by FDIC and are protected with the MasterCard Zero Liability policy and hence you can be at complete peace of mind while using the card.

Sallie Mae Debit Card Activation

You will receive the Sallie Mae Debit Card within ten days of making the first refund disbursement. The Welcome kit will contain the instructions regarding activation procedure of the Debit Card. You can activate your card online also by following the simple steps given below:

Login to using your username and password.
Click on “Account Maintenance” on the Account Summary page.
Then click on "Activate your Debit Card"
Sign at the back of the Sallie Mae Debit Card.
Go to the account maintenance page and change your PIN.

Sallie Mae Debit Card Login

You can also have online access to the Sallie Mae Debit Card. In order to do that you need to have the user id and the password. However, if you do not have the login details with yourself then you will have to undergo the enrollment process which is very easy. It takes only three minutes to enroll. You will be asked to enter some card information like card number, PIN, the code and follow the instructions there after. Once you are through with the enrollment process you can at anytime login in to your account. Sallie Mae Bank even provides online access to the Debit Card users of the RCC that is the Riverside Community College District and the El Camino Students.

Sallie Mae Debit Card ATM

You can use the Sallie Mae Debit Card or the MyFlexCard at more than 40,000 ATMs across the United States. All you have to do is just visit the nearest Sallie Mae ATM, insert your card in the ATM machine, and enter the PIN number. After entering the PIN number you will have to select the banking transaction that you want to perform whether to withdraw funds or deposit cash or transfer funds. On selecting the option “withdraw funds” you will be asked to enter the amount. Once you enter the desired amount the ATM, within seconds, give you the cash along with a receipt. You can also find the nearest Sallie Mae ATM locations by using the ATM locator tool that is available on the website.

Sallie Mae Debit Card Fees

Sallie Mae does not charge any type of fees for making transactions at any of the Sallie Mae Bank ATMs or at an AllpointTM, Presto! or SUM ATM. However, there is certain amount of fees that is charged if you withdraw money from any non Sallie Mae ATM. Given below is the table for Sallie Mae Debit Card schedule of fees.

Types of feesAmount of fees($)
Monthly Servicing FeeNil
Reload Fee3% of transaction amount charged to depositor
Other Domestic ATM Balance Inquiry$0.50
International ATM Balance Inquiry$1.00
Other Domestic ATM Withdrawal$1.50
International ATM Balance Inquiry$3.00
Foreign Currency Conversion1% of transaction amount after conversion to USD
Paper Statement$3.00 each statement
Sallie Mae Debit Card lost or stolen$15.00
Check Requests$10.00
Overnight Delivery for Replacement Card$35.00
The Sallie Mae Debit Card daily limit for withdrawing money is $510.00

Sallie Mae Debit Card Payment

You can make all your Debit Card payment through the e-commerce and the billing solutions that is provided by various banks. It includes two types of payment channels one is the Electronic Payment Gateway and the other is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). To know more about the Sallie Mae Debit Card Payment system you can visit the website of the bank.

Sallie Mae Debit Card Customer Service

If you have any query related to the Sallie Mae Debit Card then you can dial the below mentioned phone numbers and contact with the customer service department officials.

Incase of Sallie Mae Debit Card lost or stolen: 877-346-2756
Incase of Sallie Mae Bank Debit MasterCard Center: 1-888-553-4108
Incase of Sallie Mae Payment Advisor Center: 1-800-239-4211

In addition to the given above phone numbers one can visit the website of the Sallie Mae Bank, read the terms and conditions, faqs of the Debit Card carefully. You can also take the help of the ATM locator to find the nearest ATM locations.

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