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PNC Routing Number

PNC Bank Routing number or ABA number or Routing Transit number is printed on the bottom of check and is a 9-digit number which is different for various branches and it also varies across different regions. It depends on the PNC market or Region where a customer first opens his account. The primary objective of using ABA number is to identify the particular branch of the PNC Bank while making various online transactions and carrying out direct deposits, bill payments etc.

To make domestic money transfer, customers can call the wire department of the Bank at 800-762-5884 or for international transfer, they can call at 800-762-5884. If they had already signed the wire transfer agreement, they can provide the ABA number for the account to which money will be transferred along with the name of account holder, bank’s name, address.

PNC Bank Routing Instructions

While doing the wire transfers, customers are required to enter the first two numbers of their PNC Bank Demand Deposit account number in the box shown, and their ABA Routing Number will be shown on the screen. The account number of the bank is of 10 digits and can be easily located on checks or bank’s statements. If one is unaware of the account number and also unable to locate, s/he can call on customer service numbers to take assistance from the bank’s representatives.

If your account number contains less than 10 digits, enter zeros (0, or 00) as a prefix. Customers can obtain their routing instructions by calling their Product Client Service executive on 1-800-762-9473 (1-800-PNC-WIRE). Customers must note that the bank charges some wire transfer fee for the transaction and the information from the same can be taken by contacting the bank’s representatives on various dedicated customer service telephone numbers.

PNC Routing Number Look Up

You can easily search your routing number which is printed near to account number on a check. Account holders can also check their checking or savings account statements to locate routing number on the same. Some of the Routing numbers of various regions are listed here for your reference:

S.No.LocationRouting Number/ ABA
1.New Jersey, NJ031207607
2.Michigan 041000124
3.Florida043002900, 267084199
5.Ohio042000398, 041000124
7.Indiana083009060, 083000108, 071921891
8.Kentucky 083000108
9.Kentucky - Northern042100188
10.Missouri 071921891
12.Illinois 071921891
13.Pennsylvania - Northwest043300738
15.Pennsylvania - Central, North043000096
16.Pennsylvania - Central, South031312738
17.Pennsylvania - Northeast031300012
18.Pennsylvania - Philadelphia031000053
19.Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh043000096

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