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PNC Mobile Banking

With the PNC Mobile Banking one can have the convenience of performing online banking from his or her mobile phone itself. There is no need to sit in front of the system, connecting the internet. All one need to have is a mobile phone and that’s all. Whether it is about checking account balance, making check deposit, transferring funds or viewing the account statements for the last few months, all these functions can be performed through mobile. The bank offers a number of options like Mobile App, Mobile Web and Text Banking which the customer can choose according to their convenience.

PNC Mobile Banking App

The PNC mobile banking app is available for Android, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phones. It is very easy to download the application. All the customers have to do is make a PNC Mobile Banking app download by visiting the bank’s website from their mobile phone. Iphone users can doanload the application from App Store while android users can download the application from Google Play. Once the application is downloaded customers need to enter the activation code that they have received during enrollment. No extra fees are charged by the bank for using the mobile banking application.

PNC Mobile Banking Sign In

Existing users can at anytime sign in to their account by entering the user id. New users can sign on or register themselves by following some simple steps given below:

Step-1: In this step one needs to enter some important information like Social Security Number (SSN), PNC Visa Check Card PIN and account number.

Step-2: In the second step one needs to select the user id and password.

Step-3: In this step one needs to accept the terms and conditions.

Step-4: This is the last step where one has to review all the information provided in the previous steps.

PNC Mobile Banking Check Deposit

Making mobile deposit through your mobile phone is easy and simple. One can very easily make the mobile deposit through their mobile phones. For making the deposit the mobile user will have to first click on the PNC Mobile app, enter the amount of money and the account number. Activate the camera mode, place it over the check and take a picture of the front and end of the check. An immediate check confirmation is then sent by the bank through sms in the customer’s mobile phone. All the checks deposited within 8 p.m. ET is available in the next business day. This facility of making check deposit is available on both android and iPhone platforms.

PNC Mobile Banking Text Number

The PNC mobile banking text number or the text message banking enables an individual to send text-based commands and perform banking transactions. For the convenience of the customers given below are the various text commands.

Text CommandDescription
BAL ReturnsAll the available balances for the eligible accounts according to their designated nickname.
BAL CHK1Returns the available balance for a specified account.
LAST CHK2Returns the last several transactions for the account that the customer specify by nickname.
NICKReturns the eligible accounts and their associated nicknames.
CMDReturns all supported commands for PNC Text Message Banking.
DUERetrieve the payment due date, statement balance, and minimum payment due for the PNC credit card accounts.

PNC Mobile Banking Help

Incase the customer loses his or her mobile phone or want to know anything more about PNC Mobile Banking then you can dial the phone number 1-888-PNC-BANK (1-888-762-2265) between 6 a.m. and midnight eastern time and speak with a customer service representative.

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