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MetLife Federal Dental

In today’s world, dental care costs have touched the sky. You can only wish you don’t get a cavity or require any kind of dental treatment. But MetLife has made it possible for the federal employees and annuitants to get their dental issues solved affordably. The MetLife Federal Dental Plan is available to them, where they get dental coverage for various treatments such as crown replacement, filling etc. for more than 46 years now, dental coverage is being provided by MetLife and it also receives best reviews from its satisfied customers. There are several benefits attached with the MetLife Federal Dental Plan. Let us dig deeper and find out what these are all about.

MetLife Federal Dental Benefits

The MetLife Federal Dental enables you to see the dentist you prefer even if he/she is not in the MetLife network. But as MetLife has over 160,000 locations of the in-network dentists, it is most likely that your dentist is also a part of its Preferred Dentist Program (PDP). These in-network (PDP) dentists have most certainly met with the credential standards of MetLife and these credentials are reviewed regularly without fail. The payment made to these dentists is the negotiated fees by MetLife and hence this lessens your expenses which might otherwise be 15% to 45% more from other dentists. Most importantly, these negotiated fees are also applicable to services that are not covered under the plan such as extra cleanings and cosmetic dentistry. Another benefit of the MetLife Federal Dental is that you don’t have to fill any form if you don’t wish to. The dentist can submit your claims and also get a pre-treatment estimate while you’re in the dental office. If in case you wish to get a pre-treatment estimate or want to check the claims status, coverage or history, you can do so by getting in touch with them through phone, internet or fax.

MetLife Federal Dental Plan 2012

One of the most important parts of your personal benefits plan is your dental benefits with which you can protect yourself and your family. With all the research that MetLife has done, it has put together all the various standpoints of a dental plan through its Federal Dental Plan 2012. It offers two options to choose from, a Standard and a High option. Both of these options cover a wide range of essential services at affordable prices.

You are able to see your present dentist, save your money on dental services with appropriate coverage levels and also gain knowledge with various educational tools in order to lessen the chances of visiting a dentist. There are amazing new benefits that are offered through this plan in 2012 unlike in 2010 or 2011. The Annual Maximum on the High Option dental plan has been increased to $10,000 and one can enjoy a higher Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum of $3, 5000. The international participants who have services performed by an International Provider will have those claims paid in the form of in-network benefits. The PDP network growth has also increased tremendously. You can find out about how much you can save on your treatment with your MetLife Federal Dental Plan, if your dentist is in network or not.

You can enroll for the MetLife Federal Dental online on the official enrollment website for the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) or you can simply sign in through the BENEFEDS login if you are already enrolled. You can also contact through the phone number 1-877-888-3337 TTY 1-877-889-5680 for enrollment. You can dial the same number if you want more info on the plan brochure, expense claim form, insurance claim form, employee claims, provider directory, employee plans and other plan log in assistance. You can find a dentist on the website and other information such as the address, provider list, plan rates etc.

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