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Key Bank Routing Number

Key Bank, with its headquarters in Cleveland, OH, is known for its world-class services. To its account holders, the bank provides them with yet another service for funds transfer in name of Key Bank wire transfers. Using this service, they can easily send and receive money from virtually anyone located anywhere in the whole World. This service requires a special code known as Key bank routing number. For those who are wondering what this routing number is and where to find the same, we are giving here complete detail of this special code which was assigned to every financial company of USA by the ABA. Also you can scroll to bottom of this page to find Key Bank routing number list for different locations the bank has its operating branch.

What is Key Bank Routing Number?

First of all, it is important to know all about routing numbers. Key bank routing number is a special 9 digit length number which is required by the bank when any bank’s customers want to carry on with various online banking activities like wire transfers, direct deposits, ACH services etc. The routing number is also required by the bank when you make orders for your checks. The routing number is being assigned by American Bankers Association to the financial organizations to help them locate the origination of various funds transfers. This number can also be considered as the bank branch address and varies for branches in different states. Sometimes it may even vary for Key bank branches in same state like it may vary for Mansfield, Toledo and Cincinnati in Ohio or Syracuse, Rochester and Watertown in NY.

How to find Key Bank Routing Number

The Key Bank Routing number can easily be found on your bank check leafs that you get with your checking or savings account with the bank. The number is located at the lower part of the check in the left corner followed by your Key Bank account number. One can even locate this routing number or transit number on any other negotiable instrument of the bank like online statements. It must be noted that the routing number may vary for purpose of wire transfers from that of order checks. For the same, the customers can contact the bank at its customer service phone number 1-800-539-2968 anytime.

For your assistance, we are providing here with list of Keybank NA routing numbers for prime locations of USA:

LocationRouting Numbers
ABA number for checks orderingFor Wires and ACH routing
Buffalo, NY022000839021300077
Hudson Valley, NY021906934021300077
Oregon (Portland)123002011123002011
Central Indiana074001048041001039
Northern Indiana071200538041001039
Columbus, Ohio044000642041001039
NE Ohio041001039041001039
NW Ohio041200089041001039
SW Ohio042200295041001039
Albany, NY021300077021300077
Washington State (Seattle)125000574125000574

For routing number of locations which are not listed above like that for Indianapolis, Yakima, Brooklyn NY, Denver etc. one can call the customer service phone number or visit a Key bank branch.

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