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Key Bank Gift Card

The Key Bank Gift card is also known by the name of Key Possibilities Master card Gift cards. It is a type of prepaid card which can be used as a substitute for checks, tore-specific gift cards and cash. You can present the gift card to any one on any important occasion. The recipient of the card is even given the option of choosing the type of gift. You can use the gift card for making purchasing goods or items online from eBay, Paypal, Jabong and numerous other e-commerce websites that accepts Debit MasterCards and also for making purchase through catalogues. The Keybank Gift card comes with a stored value in it. Each time you make a payment through the card the available balance is automatically deducted from your account. The card can be purchased by anyone with a minimum age of 18.

The card comes with the MasterCard Pay Pass technology where you neither have to insert your PIN nor have to sign in for the transactions. The Paypass works through wireless technology. There is a chip embedded and also a radio frequency antenna by the help ogf which the details are automatically transferred and hence you do not have to put your hands on the debit card or swipe it at a retail outlet.

Following are the benefits of the Keybank Gift Card :
  • The card can be used until and unless the balance in the card is complete.
  • The card has a world wide acceptance at all the places that accepts Debit MasterCard cards and also at ATMs with the STAR and Cirrus logo.
  • The card is activated from the moment you purchase it.
  • It can be used to purchase items costing from $25 to $2,500.

How To Use Key Bank Gift Card

The Key Bank Gift card can be used at all the outlets wherever the Visa Debit MasterCards are accepted. Your Gift card may be denied if there is no sufficient amount of money in the card. In such a situation you can inform the retailer or the merchant and can pay the outstanding balance in cash or in any other form. Hence it is advisable to check the balance of your Keybank Gift card before using it. You can enquire about the available balance of your card by dialing the number 1-888-881-8969.

You can also use this card to withdraw money from the ATM by the following way:
  • Insert the card and type the four digit PIN number.
  • Select the option "Withdrawal" followed by "Checking."
  • Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
Please remember that you cannot withdraw money more than $300 a day . The card however cannot be used for paying at the gas stations. Rather it can be used in the store by giving it to the attendant. You must be wandering what are the fees associated with the bank. Well for this given below is the list of the Keybank Gift cards

Types of feesFees($)
ATM Withdrawal / Cash Advance Fee$1.00
ATM Balance Inquiry$0.25
Card Issuance Fee$3.95
Monthly Maintenance Fee$2.50
Refund Processing Fee$9.95

If your Keybank Gift card is lost or stolen then you can dial the 1-888-881-8969 from Monday through Friday between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST and cancel your Keybank Gift card. You can also dial the same number if you have a dispute with the merchant over a purchase or if you face problems like forgot pin. If there is an error in the transaction done through the Keybank Gift card then you can write at the below mentioned address:

Key Possibilities
P.O. Box 1803
Dayton, Ohio 45401-1803

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