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Key Bank Debit Card

To its account holders, Key bank provides many services. Out of them, one of the prominent services is that of Key Bank Debit Card. The debit card empowers the account holders to use their funds anytime anywhere without any need to visit a bank branch or ATM. They can use the debit card as a credit card by swiping it at various locations. The amount that is being charged on the debit card is directly debited from the checking or savings account linked with the card. Under its debit card program, Key bank offers its customers, both personal as well as small business banking customers, different options of debit cards which are being mentioned here for your reference. Design of these prepaid cards are in such as a way that all can find one suitable for themselves out of the lot.

KeyBank Debit MasterCard Card
KeyBank Rewards Debit MasterCard Card
KeyBank Rewards World Debit MasterCard Card
KeyBank World Debit MasterCard Card
KeyBank Gold Debit MasterCard Card

Key Bank Debit Card Program

The Key bank debit card com with attractive benefits and other perks. The rewards associated with these cards may vary a bit for different types of cards though the basic benefits are the same. The various benefits are:

Access to KeyBank ATMs: With your debit card, you can access more than 1,500 ATMs of the bank for transactions like making deposits, withdrawals, and to transfer money.

MasterCard PayPass Technology: This is the innovative technology which the Key bank has launched for its account holders making a history. This free service makes it easy to use debit card for the account holders as they need not enter pin or sign the transaction. This service is available currently only for smaller purchases generally under $25.

Relationship Rewards: The bank also offers its customers with various rewards program. One can easily enroll for this program to start earning points for various debit card purchases and other everyday banking transactions. After the points are accumulated to a certain level, the same can be redeemed for an array of gifts and rewards which may include travel packages, airlines tickets, discount programs etc. It must be noted that this program may levy some fees on the customers.

Worldwide Acceptance: The Key bank debit card is accepted globally at many locations being a MasterCard.

$0 liability for unauthorized use in case card is lost or stolen: The bank offers its card holders benefit of zero liability for any transaction made by unauthorized person.

Key Bank Debit Card Customer Service

If you have any query regarding your debit card, you can call on Debit Card customer service center of key bank to get assistance. One can even make contact to cancel the debit card services or to report any fraudulent activity on the card and to initiate disputes for the same. For common questions like how to renew if the card expires, what is activation number, what is card limit and how to check balances, etc., you can browse through FAQs on the KeyBank Website.

Key Bank Debit Card Customer Service Number: 800-KEY2YOU (800-539-2968)

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