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ING Annuities

As time flies by and you approach the later years of your life, it is only advisable that you start planning for your retirement. You might not have a clear idea of what the term "annuities" means, but it should be the most important word in your dictionary. Annuities are particularly shaped for retirement preparation. These are long term investment options where you sign a bond with an insurance firm and receive regular payments through the insurer. The ING Annuities are the most flexible and safe financial products provided by the bank. Annuities can help you secure your income for retirement, save your beneficiary from harm by offering death benefits and they also have the aptitude for growing tax-deferred. Let us have a look at what the ING Annuities are all about and how they keep your safety as their topmost priority.

ING Fixed Annuities

By purchasing the ING Fixed Annuity policy, you get paid a definite rate of return which is fixed. For some specific time duration, you get assured interest rates like a contract year, but the rates are variable at a later time. However, the bank informs you about your new rate and this rate is locked for a different time period or contract year. So if you want a fixed rate of return, a growth that is tax-deferred and want minimum guarantees unavailable at other financial vehicles, then this is the best annuity option for you from other ING Annuities. You have the option to choose how your money should earn interest, immense flexibility and the power to choose your retirement income. The features of ING Fixed Annuity have been listed here:
  • It doesn’t matter to what extent the interest rates fall, your money will still earn some amount as there is a minimum guarantee rate offered.
  • The money growth is quick as you don’t pay tax on the earnings. It persists to compound and remains in the annuity, which would have otherwise gone to the IRS.
  • You don’t have to pay tax while your money grows till you wish to make a withdrawal, as the interest ascribed to the contract grows tax deferred.
  • There are various annuity withdrawal and income options available. You can refer to the contract disclosure or prospectus for additional costs.

  • Once you’re prepared to take your income and start spending your annuity, you can withdraw any amount of money and at any moment you need it.
  • You can also put up an organized withdrawal program where you can ask for the amount you want and whenever you want.
  • In case of your death while your annuity contract is still intact, the entire amount of your annuity is forwarded to your beneficiary or heirs instantly.
  • You can withdraw a 10% amount from your annuity every year, known as the free withdrawal amount. If you wish to withdraw money in the initial years of your contract, and the amount is more than the free withdrawal amount, there could be a surrender charge.

ING Index Annuities

Through the ING Index Annuities, you could be offered a certified annual interest rate and earnings capability based on your insurance. If you want minimum interest guarantee along with benefiting from the growing markets and also want a tax-deferred growth in your investment, then this the best annuity option for you. Your financial professional can assist you in deciding which index annuity among all the options available within it, is meant for you. Here are the features of the ING Index Annuities:
  • There could be a surrender charge if you require money in the initial years of your contract. If you make a withdrawal before the age of 59½, a 10% penalty tax will be charged.
  • Every withdrawal will lessen death benefits and decrease the value of all optional benefits.
  • You may be charged with a surrender charge and ordinary income tax for early withdrawals and various distributions of taxable amounts.
  • A 10% IRS premature distribution penalty tax could be charged if withdrawals are made before 59½ years of age.
  • The withdrawals made from fixed annuities also depend upon a Market Value Adjustment (MVA).
  • Once you’re all set to receive your annuity income, you can set withdrawal programs, make withdrawals anytime you want and set up a guaranteed income stream.
  • In the occasion of your death, your entire fixed annuity value is passed on to your heirs and if you’ve applied for a guaranteed income stream, the amount that will be passed on to your heirs will depend on your chosen income option.

ING Immediate Annuities

This is one of the simplest options available among the ING Annuities and has received the best reviews by the customers. If you have a huge amount of money and want to instantly convert it into a guaranteed income stream, then the ING Immediate Annuities are the best for you. It does not collect any earnings, but rather provides you with a regular income payment immediately. So if you want an income for you retirement and avoid receiving numerous income payments by consolidating your accounts or you want to receive your inherited money on a timely basis, you should choose these ING Annuities. This will also be the correct choice if you have been awarded with a court settlement where you get an amount of money that you receive over time through immediate annuities. The features have been provided below:
  • You can choose the way you want to receive your payments.
  • With the life income of single life option, you get your payments for the time you live only. So if you die earlier, it stops the payments.
  • In Period certain, you decide the time till when you want your money to last and in Amount certain you decide the amount of income you want.
  • With life with period certain option, you get paid throughout your life. If in case you die around your “period certain”, your income payments will continue to be made to your beneficiaries till that period is over.
  • The payment is calculated on the basis of the life of husband and wife. If one dies, the other receives some or whole of the payment till the time he/she lives.

ING Annuities Login

You can login to your ING Annuities account on the customer log in page by entering your User ID and Password to sign in. If you want any help with the agent login and financial advisor login, you get various options on the same login page. You can also access your ING for professionals account on the website. If you haven’t registered for an account yet, you can do so by creating a new User ID and registering. The ING Account login is secure and safe.

ING Annuities Customer Service

If you need any further help or assistance with the ING USA Family of Companies’ Annuities, you can contact the customer service center of the bank. To know more about withdrawal forms, surrender forms, credit rating and beneficiary change form, you can contact the same phone number. The contact numbers for various departments is given below:

For purchasing an annuity877-665-8544
Fixed, Index and Immediate Annuities800-369-5303
Variable Annuities800-366-0066
515-698-2034 (Fax)

You can also send an email to the bank or mail your complaints and feedback on the ING Annuities mailing address/overnight address:

Contracts Issued by:
ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company
909 Locust Street
Des Moines IA 50309
Tel: 800-369-5303

Last Updated On: 2012/08/01

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