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HSBC Routing Number

Routing number also known as ABA number or routing transit number (RTN) or check routing number, is used for identification of financial institution that is associated with a particular account. Routing numbers may differ depending on where your account was opened and the type of transaction made. HSBC routing number code was designed for sorting, bundling, and shipment of paper checks back to the drawer's account.

How to Find HSBC Routing Number

ABA number is derived from the bank's transit number initiated by the American Banker’s Association in 1910. It is a nine-digit number that comes before the account number at the bottom of the checks at the left corner. It is used for checking savings and money market accounts as well as Direct and business accounts. This routing number can be considered as the bank’s branch address. It is also used by Automated clearing house for bill payments, and automated transfers and Federal Reserve banks for processing fund transfers. This routing number is must for personal as well as small business banking customers who want to do funds transfer through HSBC Wire Transfer service.

ABA numbers are used for domestic transactions only, i.e. is within the United States. They are of two types, one for funds being debited or credited and the other one that is used for wire transfers. The number on a check book which is the middle set of nine numbers printed at the bottom of the check is the former one. Routing number appears in two forms on a standard check.

The Fraction Form
  • appearing on the upper right part of the check.
  • Used for manual processing before the creation of the MICR form.
  • serves as a backup in check processing.
MICR Form (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)
  • The main form, printed in magnetic ink.
  • Is machine-readable; it appears at the bottom left of a check consisting of nine digits.

Both of the above provide us with the same information, though there are slight differences.

HSBC Routing Number List

Branch LocationRouting Number
California 122240861
Canada (Vancouver)001610109
Connecticut 021114263
Delaware 031101185
Florida 067009390
HSBC Advance Website 022000020
Illinois 071002053
Maryland 055003492
New Jersey 021001088
New York, Upstate 022000020
New York, Downstate 021001088
Oregon 123006389
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)036002425
Washington DC 054001709

In order to find HSBC routing numbers at various locations in Hong Kong, London (UK) or other offices, one can log in to Online Banking and click on the Show Routing Numbers link on the Accounts Details page. Customers can note that for international incoming wire transfer, the bank charges a fee of $6.00 per transaction.

Last Updated On: 2012/05/03

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