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Home Depot Credit Card Payment

Home Depot Credit Card Payment can be made online or by mail. Moreover, it is also possible to pay by phone or at a store. A gift card just like a credit card can also be used to purchase The Home Depot merchandise online, in stores or by phone. You can use your credit card to buy a gift card however the credit card payment is generally made either through online payment center known as credit center and facilitated by Citibank’s Account Online, or by a mail. Note that the mailing address may change if you choose to send your payment via Western Union or by an overnight delivery.

Home Depot Credit Card Payment Online

The online payment gateway for Home Depot customers possessing a valid credit card is provided by Citibank, the bank that issues the card. Known as Account Online, it allows secure login to access an account over the Internet. You can reach here by visiting the online credit center at Once you are there you can complete the enrolment process to sign up for the online bill pay service.

With online access now enabled, you can easily log in to your account anytime and select “Make a Payment” tab and then “Pay Online”, and “Pay Now” buttons one after another to land up a page where you can enter payment information. Enter the amount and set the date when you want to make payment. You require a checking account at any bank in the US and may also need to provide ABA routing number and account number details.

Note that only the payments submitted before 5 pm ET will be credited the same day. Payment after this time will be credited the next business day. The fund transfer will appear on your Unbilled Activity, online payment history and credit card account within 2-3 days of the confirmation of your request.

Home Depot Credit Card Payment Center

Home Depot Credit Card Payment Center or Credit Center is accessible online as well as by mail. You can send an ordinary mail, use Western Union or make an overnight payment.

For regular mails, start early (5-7 days before the due date) to have your payments posted well on time and avoid a possible late fee or an interest charge. The mail received before 5 pm local time will be processed the same day. Also make it sure that you are sending your payment in proper format otherwise there may be a delay of another 5 days.

Use the following mailing address for regular mails:

Home Depot Credit Services
Processing Center
Des Moines, IA 50364-0000

To send payment through Western Union, you may be asked for The Home Depot credit card account number.

For overnight delivery use the following address:

4300 Westown Parkway West
Des Moines, IA 50266

For more information you can call the customer service phone number 1-866-875-5488. You can also browse our website to know more about Home Depot Credit Card and Online Payment options.

Last Updated On: 2012/08/17

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