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Comerica Direct Express Card

With the help of Comerica Direct Express you can now easily get access to your Social Security and Supplemental Security Income. Also known by the name of Direct Express Debit MasterCard it is basically a type of prepaid debit card with the help of which you can initiate transactions electronically and have access to your money. No need of signing up and no need of maintaining minimum balance the direct express card come with full safety and security. The card can be used for numerous purposes like making payments for purchase at stores wherever the Debit Master Cards are accepted, for drawing cash from ATM, paying bills online and buy money orders at the U.S. Post Office. You do not need to have a bank account to get the Comerica Direct Express Card.

The card is of great use for those persons who fall under the program of VA Compensation or Pension, RRB Annuity and OPM (Federal Retirement) as they can use this card to receive the money. The Comerica direct express routing number is 072000096, which is required for initiating wire transfers.

Comerica Direct Express Debit Card Features

Given below are the features of the Direct Express Debit Card:

Safe: The card comes with absolute safety as it reduces the risk of carrying cash and minimizes the risk of stolen or lost card.

Convenient: The card is convenient to use as you can use it for payment wherever Debit Master Cards are accepted.

Easy: Money is deposited automatically to your card at the end of each month.

Comerica Direct Express Card Fees

Though most of the services offered by the bank are free of cost and doesn’t carry any fees, however customers are required to pay certain monthly service charges as maintenance fee. Following are some of the applicable charges that are imposed with charges.

ServicesCharges and Fees
Monthly paper statement$0.75 each month
ATM cash withdrawals$0.90 each withdrawal (after free transactions are used)
US Direct Express card Bill Pay$0.50 each time
Funds transfer$1.50 each time
Card replacement$4.00 after one (1) free each year
Overnight delivery of replaced card $13.50 each time
ATM cash withdrawal outside of U.S$3.00 plus 3% of amount withdrawn
Purchase outside of U.S.3% of purchase amount

Comerica Direct Express Customer Service

Comerica Bank offers customers service in both English and Spanish languages. To get an answer regarding any questions on the Comerica Direct Express Card you can dial the toll free number 1 (888) 741-1115 of the Customer Service Department and report about your lost or stolen Direct Express card. If you are calling from outside United States then you can dial the number 1 (765) 778-6290 or the number 1-800-333-1795 to sign up for the Card. Moreover you can write an email and send your Comerica Direct Express Card application to the below mentioned address:

Direct Express
PO Box 7050
London, KY 40742

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