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Citibank Popmoney

Citibank Popmoney is a simple, quick and convenient way of making payments to other people directly from one’s Citibank account while avoiding the method of undergoing the various tedious and complex banking processes. Using this facility, customers can make person to person payments or payments related to his or her small business activities using the simple and ease to use electronic payments and invoice system facility provided by Citibank. Customers can make the best possible use of Popmoney in more than one ways, both for personal and business purposes. One can send money in the form of cash gift or to settle down some balance with friends. Small businessmen can use this whole new way of sending money for making payments to vendors or employees or for receiving payments from customers or vendors.

Citibank Popmoney Login

Customers can use the online facility of the bank in order to make Citibank Popmoney Login. One has to first sign on by visiting the bank’s website using their unique user Id and password. Once registered with the facility, customers can send money using the Citibank Popmoney facility in the following ways:
  • An email is sent to the recipient containing instructions on how to direct the payment into the customer’s eligible transaction account.
  • A text message can also be sent to the recipient with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her Eligible Transaction Account. In case the customer doesn’t respond to the notification, a reminder message is sent to him or her.
  • Money can also be directly deposited into customer’s contact's Eligible Transaction Account.

Citibank Popmoney Fee Schedule

This user friendly and convenient method of making direct payments and fund transfers works with both the checking and savings account. One of the most promising features associated with this third party facility is that the users do not have to incur any charges for using the same.

Type of TransferCharges
Incoming to Citibank$0
Outbound from Citibank$0

Citibank Popmoney Limit

At times a customer makes the request for transfers but do not pay for it, such transactions are known as outstanding transactions. A customer can make multiple transactions in a day using the Popmoney facility offered by the bank. However certain limits on outstanding transfers are calculated on the basis of time period and few other criteria. Citibank Popmoney Limits for unpaid transactions are tabulated below:

ServiceTime Period/Total OutstandingLimit Amount
Total Outstanding$10,000

Citibank Popmoney Contact

Customers can call on the Citibank Popmoney Contact number 1-800-374-9700 or can speak with the bank’s agents about Citibank Popmoney complaints, international services, transfer cost, through the live chat facility available online. The hearing and speech impaired customers can contact the customer service of Citibank by calling on to the Text Telephone Number (TTY) 1-800-788-0002.

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