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Chase Quick Pay

To its account holders and precisely online banking users, Chase bank gives yet another gemstone in form of Chase Quick Pay service. The bank which is known in the world for its innovations that it brings up with its products and services, introduces this new service to its customers using which they can easily send or receive money to or from different persons. This useful service is available to international customers as well including those from Canada and can be placed well in contrast with the similar service of PayPal, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo etc.

Chase Quick Pay is an online service and thus bank’s customers can get themselves registered through registration process for online banking to enjoy the Quick Pay service. This service allows customers to send money and receive the same from virtually anyone who is enrolled with an e-mail address. This Free service carries no hidden charges or fees and is fast, secure, safe and convenient. It is in news in recent times with all its perky TV commercials like the superbowl commercial.

This service is not restricted to only Chase customers. Anyone who has a valid verified e-mail address and Bank account in USA can create a Chase QuickPay Profile to send and receive money without Chase account. The bank coordinates the direct transfer between banks for no additional cost being levied on the user. One must note that any non-Chase checking account holder won’t be able to accept payments from other users through QuickPay if the senders are also using non-Chase accounts.

Though this service is available to all, being a Chase customer gives users a lot more especially to Chase Business Banking customers as they can send detailed invoices to their clients or can do person to person transfers, request payments and get funds directly to their Chase accounts.

How Chase Quick Pay Works

Using QuickPay is quite easy and in lay-nerd terms, one can say as simple as 1, 2, 3. One can easily login to Chase QuickPay and can send or accept payments directly from the homepage of the website of the service. One can even manage profile, add new payees, perform account maintenance and check the transaction history.

If the customer is not registered with online banking, he can sign up in no time through a very easy enrollment process and then go to QuickPay tab for activation of the service.

If someone sends money, users can accept it by signing in to their accounts and then clicking on "Accept" to complete the transfer and to get the deposit. It must be noted though that only registered users can accept payments. These payments if made between Chase accounts, then the amount can be made available the next business day or sooner (in some cases same day) if the recipient accepts the payment before the cut off time which is 10 PM, ET on any business day.

For payments accepted after the cutoff time or any non-business day i.e. holiday, the funds may take 2 business days to get processed. For funds between a Chase and a non-Chase account, the payment takes 1 or 2 days for completion after the acceptance of payment by users and is also subject to the processing time of the external institution though the request is sent to the bank the same day with guarantee. If the payee is an external account and the recipient a Chase account, the transfer takes about four to five business days after the acceptance by the user subject to the processing time of external account. The bank also has a repeating payment feature which can enable you to make repeated payments automatically. For any delay, one can contact the bank by calling on dedicated phone number or email to know about funded amount. One can even contact the bank’s representative to know about applied maximum limitation on transfers as per bank policy and to know about setting up of repeating payment feature.

All these services can also be used through mobile banking with the help of a smart phone in name of iPhones, Blackberry, iPad or android phones etc. with certain applications which can be downloaded from the bank’s website. Before taking actions for problems or dispute associated with the service, one must go through the details of service agreement to find the terms and clauses.

For any more information or instruction on use, you can check the online demo on the official website of the bank in the form of a video or can contact the customer service department of the bank. One can even go through FAQ on the official website for common questions like how fast does this service work, how long does it take, is it slow, safe, what is maximum daily limit to transfer, how to cancel transfers, verification process etc. In case of forgot or reset password or security code or any other technical issue or help on any problem like service not working, unavailable, bad speed etc., one can contact the technical team for support. To check how the service is rated by its users, one can hit on various forums to find reviews.

Last Updated On: 2012/05/02

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