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Chase Debit Card

Chase bank is a name which gives excitement to every person who is indulged in banking activities. The bank which is one of the largest banks of the United State and has its operation internationally with countries like India, Europe, Canada, Japan etc., has so much in its store that one can hardly predict. The bank provides its customers with one of the widest range of products and services which includes variety of accounts, loans, cards etc.

To its account holders, the bank provides a special Debit Card which is powered with many features. This Chase debit card is available for both personal as well as business banking account holders including kids, youth, teenagers, students of high school and colleges and those who are unemployed etc. thus making it available for all age groups. This card makes it possible to customers to do a variety of activities as this card is accepted at millions of merchant locations in the country as well as abroad. The blink facility makes it even easier to use the Chase Debit card.

One can easily pay for monthly bills over phone or online using this card including utilities, insurance, internet access, health club dues, movie club, satellite TV and many more. When they pay their bills using their debit card which is generally Visa or MasterCard powered, they also earn reward points or miles which can be redeemed for variety of gifts and merchandise including one pass of continental airlines. You can get the rewards catalogue from the official website. By setting up automatic payments by furnishing details like billing address, name etc. you can even save time and money and can also avoid late fees. These cards though are subject to maximum daily limit which depends on the account of the cardholders. Other benefits include cash advance, ATM withdrawal, overdraft protection etc.

These cards are fully safe and secure to use as the bank takes extra measures to insure security to the cardholders. The card comes with real time fraud monitoring, free security alerts, guaranteed credit and Zero Liability protection thus ensuring the buyers their safety.

Chase Debit Card Rewards

Chase Debit Card comes with many rewards choices, discounts, bonuses and many more. Customers can enjoy the rewards once they get themselves enrolled for the program and use their debit card for any purchase. With debit card in their hand, they can be assured of getting discount at various merchants and retailers including some grocery and gas stores and various cash back as well. The bank also rewards its customers for their loyalty. One must redeem the points before their expiry date. For more on rewards which are ultimate, promotional offers, discount coupon codes available in 2011, 2012, one can check the official website of the bank.

Chase Debit Card Online

The quick and easy way to access Debit Card is online banking service which is an award winning one. Cardholders can easily check their balance, review transaction history, change PIN, contact customer service, pay bill, check design options, related transaction fees and other coverage fees and many more once they login to their account using their unique UserID and Password. The customers can even customize their cards with various themes like hello kitty and also can change its colors, designs, styles like Disney or hello kitty etc. If they are not registered with the online banking, they can do so by going through a simple enrollment process to get their sign in credentials. One can also check rules, terms and conditions related to cards online along with availability of other benefits like rental car insurance, default pin reset, travel benefits, notifications, types of cards, spending limit, deals on gift cards etc.

Chase Debit Card Customer Service

There is a full fledged customer service department for its debit card division where the representatives take their jobs as the medium to help customers in the best way possible. Card holders can reach to the customer service center anytime they face any problem, want to lodge complaints or want to gather more information on various activation and cancellation processes, check application status, exchange rates applicable, dispute a charge, check company policy or want to know about bonus offers etc. They can also report lost or stolen cards or theft of cards, locked cards, card replacement, and can report issue of compromised data of hacked cardsetc. by calling on the hotline numbers of the department. One can also check FAQs for answers to common questions like ATM fee, foreign transaction fee, expired and declined or compromised cards, how to reset forgot password etc. and can check reviews on various online forums. Customer service is accessible through emails as well.

Chase Debit Card Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-935-9935

Chase Debit Card Address:
National Bank By Mail
P O Box 36520
Louisville, KY 40233-6520

Deliveries via Courier
6714 Grade Lane Bldg. 8 Suite 807
Louisville, KY 40213

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