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Capital One Routing Number

Capital One being founded in 1995 by Richard Fairbank with its headquarters in Mclean, Virginia is one of the prominent banks of the US which works internationally with its branches in UK and Canada. The bank provides a broad spectrum of products and services to its customers. The bank offers various services which include various accounts, credit cards, loans and many more. Customers can also transfer funds to their different accounts or to account of others using their various checking, savings and money market accounts. To make this wire transfer through Capital one Online Banking, customers need to know about the Capital One Routing numbers which are different for different bank branches. The routing number is also used for Direct Deposit or Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) transfers. This numbers differ for branches in locations like New York, Maryland, Baton Rouge, Texas, Brooklyn NY, New Orleans, New Jersey, Louisiana, Virginia, Washington DC etc.

The Routing number or ABA number is a 9 digit number printed on the left corner on the bottom of a check leaf. The first 9 numbers on check leaf at the left bottom of the leaf make the routing number of the branch of the bank. This depends on which bank institution your account is held in.
But if one doesn’t have checks with their Capital One Bank account or don’t have checks at the time of making a wire transfer, they can look at their most recent paper or online statement to find out which bank institution their account is held in, and then they can use that information to find out routing number from the list given below. The bank institution can be found on the right of your account number on the statement. Even if customers are without any statement or can’t locate the routing number, they can contact the bank at 1-888-810-4013 or by visiting any branch address of the bank.

Bank InstitutionRTN Number
Direct Deposit and ACH transfersWire Transfers
Capital One Bank (USA), N.A.051405515051409375
Capital One, N.A.056073502056073612

Even though Chevy Chase Bank acquisition is completed by Capital One, the routing number remains the same for Chevy Chase Bank with RTN or ABA number being 255071981. Customers must note that branch bank account routing numbers are different and can be found only on check leaves provided by the bank. If they don’t have the checks with their branch bank account, they must contact the customer service to know about their bank branch routing numbers. Also one must be aware that for international transfer, another code is required which is known as SWIFT code and can be acquired from the official website of the bank.

Last Updated On: 17/04/2012

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