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Capital One Prepaid Credit Card

Capital One Prepaid Credit Card, known as Capital One MasterCard Prepaid Card, is not a credit card in true sense, since there is no credit involved. It works much like a debit card where you already have money in your account and use the same when you need it. As there is no question of credit, no credit check is required, which makes it much easy to get this card for almost anybody.

You just deposit the money at the bank and it issues you a prepaid card at no extra cost provided the money you are depositing is more than $500. In subsequent months also, you will not need to pay any maintenance fee if you continue to deposit at least $500 in each billing cycle.

There are three methods to add money to your account. If you are an employee you can sign up for free direct deposit with your employer. The second method is to find a participating Western Union agent near your location and deposit money at them. The third and last method is to transfer money from a bank account onto your Capital One Prepaid Card.

For direct deposit you need to fill out a form and submit the same to your employer or benefits provider in order to set up your login user name and password. To transfer fund from your personal account you need to have necessary login information in order to access your account. To use the Western Union option, you can dial 1-800-325-6000 to find a nearby participating Western Union Agent location.

The benefits associated with a Capital One prepaid credit card include all that you have with a Debit MasterCard, such as worldwide acceptance, MasterCard Zero Liability, and safety from fund loss or theft. Moreover, you are offered benefits like no activation fee, free electronic bill pay, facility to track balance online and via text, easy maintenance with no fee at all if the minimum balance is maintained all time and many more. With a Capital One prepaid card you no longer need to carry a large sum of money and also there is no fear of affecting your credit status in any way.

There is a separate website for prepaid card customers of Capital One. The website should be visited in order to sign up or login for free direct deposit. Once you sign in to your account online you have all your account-related information at your finger tips. If you want a phone number to contact Capital One prepaid credit card customer service, dial the number given on the back of your card.


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