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Capital One Credit Card Payment

Capital One bank is the name which is the best when it comes to credit card services. The bank has various credit cards to offer to its loyal customers. These cards come with unmatched benefits and rewards. The cards also carry various services to make it easy for the card holders to use their Card. To make it easy for card members to pay for their credit card bill, Capital One has got many payment options. The Capital One credit card payment methods are available in such a variety that one can easily pay the bill within due date to maintain a good credit history. The various credit card payment options are being given on this page for your reference:

Capital One Credit Card Payment Online

By far, the easiest and most convenient of all payment methods, online payment helps you pay for your credit card statements from your home or office premises itself. Just you need to sign in to your account online using login credentials and enjoy the free services. This method gives you complete protection as there is no issue of check misplacement which can happen when you send a mail payment at the payment center address of the bank.

Using this method, one can even set up automatic recurring or one time payment against the credit card statements which can be even done through balance transfers from other account. Card holders can check their card transaction details, payment posting schedule and due date along with the minimum payment amount to be paid. Using Auto Pay, you can even relax further though the use of this service is restricted to some particular account holders as of now. One can even use minimum payment calculator online if he is not sure about the minimum due amount. If you wish to check payment agreements and terms and conditions, you can find them on online site of Capital One.

Capital One Credit Card Payment by Phone

Card members can also make payments for their credit cards over phone by calling the customer service payment number of the bank which is 1-800-955-7070 for personal banking customers while phone number 1-800-867-0904 is for small business banking customers. This method is handy when card holders are not having access to internet and the due date is nearby.

It must be noted that this mode of payment may attract some small amount of fees, details of which can be obtained by calling the customer service help line number mentioned above. Also one may inquire for payment protection insurance plans available through Capital One by contacting the bank at its Credit card customer service number or email.

Capital One Credit Card Payment Address

Even if you are enrolled in online banking you can choose to make a payment via mail. This method is the classic traditional method in which card holders can send checks against the payment account at Capital One credit card payment address. One can even go for overnight payment at address given below. Do not forget to write your account number on the back of the check or money order. It is better to enclose the payment coupon (that you receive along with your printed statement) as it speeds up the payment processing.

In most cases, you will find the payment address locations written on your printed statement. If it is not there, you can search online at Capital One web site by providing the first six digits of your credit card number. You can also send your payment to an overnight address, which is as follows:

Capital One
Attn: Payment Processing
6125 Lakeview Rd.
Suite 800
Charlotte, NC 28269

For your reference, another payment mailing address for Capital One Credit cards having initial six digits as 552895 is given here:

Capital One
PO Box 71083
Charlotte, NC
Zip Code 28272-1083
For information regarding stop payment, late payment fee, payment date log on to online banking or call the customer service at its contact number 1-866-750-0873.

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