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Bank of New York Mellon Routing Number

Bank of New York Mellon Routing number can be found normally in the checks. This is basically a nine digit number that helps to identify the financial institution from which the transaction was made. It is also known as the ABA number as it is assigned by the American Bankers Association. It is very easy to identify the routing number. Take any check of the BNY Mellon and look at it very carefully, the first nine digit numbers at the extreme bottom left corner is the routing number. The two digits at the beginning signify the number of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks that is located at twelve different states across the United States. For instance if number 02 is allocated to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York all the banks that falls under that zone will start with the digit 02. However, if you are not sure or is having difficulty to find out the routing number of the BNY Mellon then you can contact with the customer service department of the bank and know the exact routing number. Please remember that the routing number for the BNY Mellon does not remain the same for every region as it varies according to the geographical location.

For the convenience of the customers given below are the Bank of New York Mellon Routing numbers of the different locations all over the United States. You can find of the other states including Everett MA, Philadelphia by visiting the bank’s website.

LocationsRouting Number
New Jersey021000018
New York021000018
Pittsburgh PA021000678
Pittsburgh PA021908288
Pittsburgh PA021902352
Pittsburgh PA021902446
Pittsburgh PA021101470
Pittsburgh PA043019265

BNY Mellon Swift Code

The BNY Mellon Swift Code is normally required for making international wire transfers. It is also known by the name of Business Identifiers Codes. The Swift code normally consists of 8 or 11 characters. It is provided by the International Organization for Standardization that is the ISO and also provides the name of the financial institution, the country from where the wire transfer was made.

You can contact with the BNY Mellon Bank for any query regarding the BNY Mellon routing number to the below mentioned address:

Bank Of New York Mellon
500 ROSS ST. AIM 154-0960

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