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Compass Bank Wire Transfer

As the world is becoming fast and competitive it is very important for any business to be swift in making and receiving funds within a less period of time. Compass Bank understands this problem and provides solution to this problem with the help of Compass Bank Wire Transfer. You can now at anytime transfer funds within your country or to any other part of the world and give your business a competitive edge over others. This service is one of the most safe, cost effective way of transferring funds. The wire transfer facility of the bank enables you to select the place and the way of receiving money by the beneficiary that is either through cash or a direct deposit. The wire transfer is so fast and swift that the beneficiary will receive the money within fifteen minutes of sending the money where as if the money is transferred to the beneficiary's bank account then the money is transferred within a day. For initiating the domestic wire transfer you need to provide the Compass Bank routing number. If you wish to send international wire transfer then you have to use Compass Bank swift code CPASUS44 to initiate.

Compass Bank Wire Transfer Features

Following are the features of the Wire Transfer service of Compass Bank:

Powerful: A very powerful tool that enables you to electronically initiate both domestic as well as international both in U.S. dollars and other foreign currencies using Compass e-Access. You can have direct control on your daily treasury management controls with the help of online wire transfer system.

Cost Effective: You can avoid your wire transfer fees by making wire transfers through Compass e-Access.

Efficient: You can get your funds in the same day as it saves your time. You can also automatic notifications or alerts via email, fax, or online.

Compass Bank Wire Transfer Instructions

Here are some important information that you should always keep in mind while initiating a wire transfer with BBVA Compass Bank. The first one is that you need to have a valid US or a foreign passport, Consular ID, Mexican Voting Card and Mexican Drivers License.

Apart from this there are some important information that are also to be provided like full name and address of the beneficiary, the amount that is sent, give specific details regarding the wire transfer system that is whether the beneficiary will receive the money in cash or will be directly deposited to his or her account. Secondly, a minimum wire transfer of $3,000 and a maximum of $10,000 can be sent in a month. Thirdly, no enrollment fees or monthly service fees are required to be paid for using this service and the beneficiary will also not have to pay any extra cost or charges to receive the money.

Compass Bank Wire Transfer Department

If you face any kind of problem while initiating wire transfer then you can contact with the customer service department by dialing the number 800-273-1057. You can also write to the address mentioned below after providing important information like your name, account number, error in the wire transfer and dollar amount of the suspected error.

BBVA Compass
Online Banking Support
1300 Maco Drive
Pharr, Texas 78577

Apart from this you can also contact through email by filing up an online contact form. Given below are some of the important numbers which you might require while initiating an BBVA Compass Bank Wire transfer.

ServicePhone numbers
Wire transfer1-888-558-7568
International Trade Services1-888-627-8860
In Houston, TX1-713-499-8645

If you want more info about the bank then you can visit your nearest Compass bank branch.

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