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BBVA Compass Bank Credit Card

The BBVA Compass Credit Card helps to make payment to all your creditors. With the help of this card you can also make payment for various purposes like grocery, paying at the petrol pumps, retail outlets and many more. The card comes with complete security and gives you absolute peace of mind by giving you numerous credit options. Not only this, the credit card also helped you to earn rewards. The credit card is accepted at across 28 million locations all across the United States. You can also read the reviews of the credit card about the existing customers by visiting the website of the bank.

BBVA Compass offers three types of credit cards. They are as follows:

Optimizer Credit Card: The card is similar to a credit card. It is a type of credit card where the amount of credit is secured by collateral savings account. You can increase your credit line by depositing money in savings account. The main benefit of this account is that the rates of interests are competitive you have the facility of paying through mail, automatic debit or online banking. The card also comes with a zero liability protection to prevent any fraudulent transactions. An annual fee of $40 is charged. You can make a minimum purchase of $450 and a maximum purchase of $22,500 through this card.

BBVA Compass Clear Points Credit Card: As the name suggests by using the card you can earn rewards. The main benefit of using this card is that the enrollment process is easy, you do not need to pay any annual fee, you can earn one compass points for making purchase of $1. You also email alerts regarding your credit card balances. This card allows you to make a maximum purchase of $2,000 and a maximum purchase of $15,000.

Visa Signature Credit Card: The card is mainly used for shopping. You can get access to important events like sports, music, film and theater. You do not have to pay any annual fee for using this card. The main benefits of the card are that you can get discounts on travelling, retail purchases, get a year end summary details and prepare a financial planning. You can make a minimum purchase of $2,000 and a maximum purchase of $20,000 with the card.

BBVA Compass Credit Card Login

Before logging in you need to make an application. The application process is really easy as you need to provide some important details like personal information, identity information, employment details, and accept the terms and conditions. Currently, the online application process is not available and hence you are kindly requested to make an application by dialing the number 1-800-869-1496 and can also check your application status. If you are an existing customer of the BBVA Compass Bank customer then you can log in to your account by entering user id and password. However, if you are login in for the first time then you will have to register yourself first by providing important information like first name, last name, give your email id, account name, name of the account and finally register your account. You will then be asked to create a user id and select a password. Once you are logged in you can perform various online activities like pay bill online using credit card and also check your credit card balance.

Compass Credit Card Payment Address

Card holders can make their monthly credit card payment either by phone at 1-866-681-0484 or can also send the payment to the following credit card payment address:

BBVA Compass
P.O. Box 2210
Decatur, AL 35699

Moreover you can also opt for auto debit facility to pay your credit card bills or you may step in to the nearest bank branch to make the payment.

BBVA Compass Credit Card Customer Service

If you face any problem regarding the BBVA Compass Credit Card then you can contact the customer service department by filling up an online contact form after providing important information like name, email address, phone number, mention your comments and finally submit it. Apart from this you can also chat online with the customer service officials from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. CT and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT. You can also contact and reach the real person by calling 1-800-239-5175 to solve all your queries related to business credit card. If you have any problem in using your credit card online, then you can seek technical support at the toll free number 18003160207.

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