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BB&T Wire Transfer

BB&T Wire Transfer is another addition to the long list of services being provided by the bank to its customers and account holders. This service from the bank has made it easy for the people to send money to anyone anywhere in the whole world. One can even receive the money in the account using this service. To add cherry on the cake, there is no need to visit a BB&T Bank branch to initiate a wire transfer as the same you can do sitting in a couch at your home and using your PC. The bank even offers various methods by which one can easily carry on with wire transfers. These methods are being provided on this page to help you with your BB&T bank wire transfers.

BB&T Wire Transfer Instructions

For its personal consumers, business banking customers, corporates customers, BB&T Bank has special services through which they can give wire transfer instructions to be carried out. These various methods for different customers are listed here:

For its personal consumers, the bank offers two types of wire transfers:

Repetitive Wire Transfer: Customers can create wire transfer instructions one time for the parties to whom the wires are to be made frequently. Once the instructions are created, the same can be accessed every time one needs to transfer funds by just changing the amount and the date.

Non-Repetitive Wire Transfer: For one time wire transfers, the simple procedure of furnishing all the beneficiary details in the wire transfer form is must for the customers.

For its small business banking customers, the bank offer them to make wire transfers both repetitive and non-repetitive using the BB&T CashManager Online tool. Using this service, any of the authorized company employee can initiate wires as per the maximum dollar amount established by the owner. For the corporate clients, the bank provides the service of initiating wire transfer on phone by calling the bank’s toll free number.

Any of the employees of the company can do the same citing his personal identification number. It must be noted that the cut off time for both international and domestic wire transfers is 5 PM (ET) for same day processing and the employer is acknowledged for the same by their preferred communication method.

BB&T Standing Transfer Orders

This special service from BB&T Bank makes it even easier for the customers to initiate wire transfer as they can set up automatic transfer orders for specific days, times and amount. For more, you can consult the bank’s customer service center.

BB&T Wire Transfer Fees

The service even attracts some costs too, which one must be aware of before initiating a wire transfer. The details of this service fee are being given here for your assistance:

Wire Transfer TypeTransfer LimitsApplicable Fees
(3 business days)
$2,000.00 per transaction
$2,000.00 per day
$5,000.00 per rolling 30 days
Inbound - Free
Outbound - $3.00
Next Business Day
(if before 7pm ET)
$2,000.00 per transaction
$2,000.00 per day
$5,000.00 per rolling 30 days
Inbound - Free
Outbound - $10.00

BB&T Wire Transfer Customer Service

BB&T Wire transfers requires some special codes namely routing number for domestic and SWIFT Code or BIC code for international wire transfers. Details of the same can be found on our BB&T Routing Number page or by dialing the customer service number 800-810-5625 of the bank. The bank also has more ways to help you send money to your friends and other persons internationally like EasySend, details of which can be availed in different pages of our website

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