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BB&T Routing Number

The bank, which is quite different from others due to its working philosophy, has many products and services to offer to its customers. BB&T bank products are widely acclaimed and are considered customer friendly. The bank provides its account holders with many services to ease their funds management and transfer activities. Among various services on offer through BB&T bank, one of the most common is the wire transfer service which requires a special code i.e. BB&T Bank routing number.

Routing number is a 9 digit length number printed on left lower corner of your bank’s checks. Also known as ABA number or transit number, this number was assigned to different financial institutions of USA by American Bankers Associations. The number is required not only for wire transfers but also for various other services like direct deposits, ACH etc. For those who are unable to locate the routing numbers, we are giving here the details.

How to Find BB&T Routing Number?

BB&T routing number can be easily located on checks which are issued by the bank for your checking or savings account. The number is printed on the lower corner of a check leaf adjacent to the account number. Also you can lookup for this special code on various other negotiable bank instruments like online statements. For your reference, we are providing here the routing number of BB&T Bank branches of prominent locations. Go through the list to find BB&T bank routing number of your branch for wires or other transactions.

BB&T Routing Number List

StateRouting Number
Alabama (AL)062203984
Florida (FL)263191387
Indiana (IN)083974289
Maryland (MD)055003308
Virginia (VA)051404260
West Virginia (WV)051503394
Tennessee (TN)064208165
Georgia (GA)061113415
Kentucky (KY)083900680
North Carolina (NC)053101121
South Carolina (SC)053201607
District of Columbia (DC)054001547

It must be noted that the BB&T routing number may be same for different cities of a state like Wilson and Charlotte of NC may share the same routing number though bank branch code may be different. Details of the same can be obtained through bank’s customer service center.

Account holders must note that the routing number is required for outgoing as well as incoming transfers and hence they must convey the routing number to others from whom the transfers are to be received. Also the BB&T routing numbers are for domestic wire transfers while for international wire transfers, i.e., transferring or receiving money from other countries, another special code known as SWIFT code is required. BB&T Bank SWIFT code is BRBTUS33.

If your location is not listed above or in case you want to know about BB&T routing number in Texas, Louisiana etc., you can easily contact the BB&T Bank customer service center by dialing the customer service number 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228).

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