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BB&T Overdraft

Sometimes you might run out of money of the account and hence it is important to have an overdraft protection. The BB&T Bank Overdraft protection includes linking your checking account to a BB&T savings account, BB&T credit card, Constant Credit account, BB&T Home Equity Line of Credit and BB&T Preferred Line. The overdraft facility is available up to $100 depending upon the balance available in your account as well as the credit limit. The overdraft facility is offered both for the personal as well as business accounts. For personal accounts the overdraft facility is available on BB&eSavings, Constant Credit, Personal BB&T Credit Card,BB&T Home Equity Line of Credit and for business accounts it is offered on Business Money Market Deposit Accounts, BB&T Business Visa Credit Card and Business Advantage Credit Line account. Thus, the BB&T Overdraft facility heps you to make personal transfers even when there is no balance in your checking account.

BB&T Overdraft Fees

BB&T bank gives overdraft facility for a maximum of six transactions. If the overdrawn amount of your account is less than $5 then the bank will not charge any overdraft fees. Well, you do not have sufficient balance in your account then the bank will provide you the overdraft facility by charging an overdraft fee of $35. However, you can avoid the overdraft fees by keeping a check on your account balances. You might also be charged a returned item fee for returned bill payments, checks, ACH and other recurring debit. To know more about the fee policy like protection fee of the BB&T Overdraft policy you can visit the bank’s website.

BB&T Overdraft Protection

All the BB&T Visa Platinum Credit Card that is linked to the checking account will get overdraft protection. Apart from this there are a variety of overdraft protection options which is offered by the bank to its customers like linking the checking account to a BB&T savings account, BB&T credit card, and Constant Credit Account. If you withdraw funds in excess to your account then an automatic transfer of $100 is done. Please remember that even if the amount of over draft is not enough to cover the amount of funds still you can get an overdraft review.

BB&T Overdraft Complaints

If you have any complaints to make against the BB&T Bank Overdraft services then you can dial the customer service number 800-226-5228 and talk to the available executive for help.

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