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BB&T Online Banking

BB&T online banking is made available to the customers of the bank with the name of BB&T OnLine. The service which is based on the emerging technology brings the whole banking affairs to your home eradicating needs of standing in long teller queues. The online banking can be easily accessed via a Windows based or Mac- based PC having internet connection and browsers like IE or safari. One can even use mobile phones with BB&T mobile banking services. The online banking facility offers a whole range of benefits to the online users once they sign in to their accounts using the login credentials.

BB&T Online Banking Services

The online banking services of the BB&T provides the customers various benefits which are enlisted here for your reference. Though the basic online banking services are free, there may be some fee for several services like wire transfers, direct deposits etc. update for which can be availed from our subsequent pages.

Check Balances: Also you can check balances of various accounts.

Setup Alerts: By enrolling for BB&T alerts, you can get yourself notified about different things like any activity related to your account, due dates etc. via email or sms alerts.

Bill Pay Service: This special service from BB&T bank helps the customers to make payments against different utility and credit card bills which may require furnishing billing address of the payee.

Online Statements: Go paperless with BB&T online banking and get statements for your different checking, savings accounts online. You can even download them using various softwares like Quicken.

Online Applications: Existing customers can even make online application for various add on banking products easily via the online website of the bank.

Account Management: With Online banking, account management is a simple affair and you can easily get account access to monitor your account, view account history by a simple login in BB&T website. With this, you also have the options to manage your investment and insurance accounts with BB&T.

Funds Transfer: With BB&T OnLine, you can easily send money to your near and dear ones or can receive transfers from virtually anyone anywhere in the World. What you need to do this is just the BB&T Routing number of your bank branch and SWIFT code if the transfer is international.

BB&T Online Banking Login

To enjoy all the superior services of BB&T OnLine, the foremost requirement is of a simple and secure logon. But for those who are thinking how to get login credentials, we are giving here the details. You need to go through a easy enrollment process for online banking to enroll in for the services. These processes requires some information like your bank account number, SSN, zip code etc. Though this service is available for personal as well as small business banking customers, one must furnish the details of the right account as the services are customized for different categories of the customers. For instance, small business banking customers have access to features like BB&T cash manager and credit card connection services online. Once registration is done, the bank provides you with your user ID and password which you can enter to sign on to your account.

BB&T Online Banking Customer Service

The bank has a full fledged customer service center for its online customers where they can contact the representatives for any problem just by dialing the customer service telephone number. Also the bank provides the users with a demo video tool on its website which can act as good guide to the online users who are new to the technology. When you reach the customer service, you can be assured of getting quality help for your questions as the reviews too confirm the good quality of the customer service center of BB&T Bank. One can even lodge complaints or report phishing scams by reaching to the customer service center of the bank.

BB&T Online Banking Phone Number: 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654).

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