Bank of the West Auto Loan
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Bank of the West Auto Loan

Today every one wants to have their own vehicle so that they can commute easily and reach their place of work on time. Most of the people cannot afford to buy their dream car as the prices can be out of their budget. But Bank of the West has come up with a new auto loan policy where it gives loan to the customers for purchasing their dream vehicle or car. Bank of the West gives auto loan to the customers at affordable rates; one can take a loan even up to $2000 or more. It also helps in the financing of new and used vehicles and offers an interest discount of 0.25. All these features make Auto Loan of Bank of the West really attractive and popular among the Americans.

How to apply for Bank of the West Auto Loan

Applying for Bank of the West Auto Loan is very simple and hassle free. Customers only need to provide Purchase contract, Bank account information, Proof of employment status, Information about debts, Social Security or taxpayer ID number, Driver's license or state ID. Apart from this, customers can also login to Bank of the West website and apply for an auto, RV and boat loan.

Bank of the West Auto Loan Rates

StateInterest RateLoan FeeAnnual Percentage Rate
AZ4.24%$504.57% APR
CA4.24%$504.57% APR
CO4.24%$04.24% APR
ID4.24%$504.57% APR
IA4.24%$04.24% APR
KS4.24%$504.57% APR
MN4.24%$504.57% APR
MO4.24%$04.24% APR
NE4.24%$504.57% APR
NV4.24%$504.57% APR
NM4.24%$504.57% APR
ND4.24%$754.74% APR
OK4.24%$504.57% APR
OR4.24%$504.57% APR
SD4.24%$754.74% APR
UT4.24%$504.57% APR
WA4.24%$504.57% APR
WI4.24%$754.74% APR
WY4.24%$1505.25% APR

Bank of the west Auto Loan Payoff

The Bank of the West Auto lease expires in the next 180 days or less. So if the customer’s Auto Lease is about to expire, they can contact a lease-end representative at the pay off number (800) 755-3459 for a payoff amount. If your lease expires in more than 180 days, call (800) 827-7500 for an automated payoff amount. The loan payoff department official will provide the customer with all information regarding the lease.

Bank of the West Auto Loan Calculator

An auto loan calculator is provided on Bank of the West website so that the customer can calculate the loan amount they should take. Customers can get this information on providing information on down payment, monthly payment, interest rates and loan terms.

Bank of the West Auto Loan Customer Service

If the customer faces any problem regarding the auto loan rates, how to apply for auto loan etc. then they can dial the bank of the west auto loan phone number 1-866-269-2327. For further queries and complaints, they can dial the helpline number (800)488-BANK (2265) from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to central midnight. There is no mailing address of Bank of the West. Customers should visit the bank’s website and login to their account to solve their problems.

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