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Bank of America Privacy Assist

Bank of America Privacy Assist is yet another World Class Service from the bank for its customers. These services help the customers to secure their identity from any identity theft and at the same time gives management tools as well. These services give various other benefits like:
  1. Online access to credit score.
  2. Quarterly credit updates.
  3. Automatic Credit Monitoring with Fraud Alerts.
  4. Online Credit Analyzer tool.
  5. Internet Surveillance.
  6. Identity Theft Insurance.
  7. Public Records Profile.
  8. Privacy Protect anti-key logging software.
  9. Zone Alarm Anti Spyware, anti virus and firewall software.
These services are made available to customers in three types with different monthly fees as listed below:

Privacy Assist: This is the basic Privacy Assist service of BoA which is available at an affordable monthly fee of $8.99. Customers get all the basic tools to get protection against identity theft and same time managing their credit with tools like credit score, credit analyzer, credit report summaries, credit education specialists and many more. Also customers get $5,000 coverage of Identity Theft Insurance with a low $250 deductible.

Privacy Assist Premier: With this service, customers get all the benefits of Privacy Assist service with the additional benefits of credit scores, credit report summaries and credit monitoring from all 3 major credit bureaus Equifax, Experience and TransUnion. Also the Identity Theft Insurance in this plan is of $25,000 with no deductible. This service is available at a low monthly fee of $12.99.

Privacy Assist Complete: This BoA product empowers customers with tools that give them the best to help protect their credit, their identity and also their PC. For a monthly fess of $18.99, customers get all the features of Privacy Assist Premier with extra benefits like:

  2. Public Records Profile.
  3. ID Risk Assessment.
  4. Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite.
  5. $50,000 Identity Theft Insurance coverage with no deductible.

Bank of America Privacy Assist Online

Customers can easily register themselves online for privacy assist and can receive a 30-day, free trial period after which they need to pay the monthly fees as applicable. Customers after enrolling can view their account online by using the online banking services and signing in to their account and the login page of the website to get access to various features and tools like credit analyzer, credit score view etc. They can hence find out themselves if this service is worth of the charge and use or not and if they don't like they can cancel it.

Bank of America Privacy Assist Customer Service

In case, customers face problems with the service, they can contact the customer service center of the bank which is dedicated for various different departments. Customers can also contact the customer service in case they want to lodge complaints, report sign up issues, make claims, gather more information or want to make any query. Customers can also check the FAQ section on the official website of the bank. They can also check various online forums to find out customers review about this new program of BoA and also to find out about scams related to the same.

For customers’ assistance, important phone numbers and mailing address of the Bank of America Privacy Assist customer service department are given here:

Privacy Assist Member Services1-800-516-9561
Privacy Assist Enrollment1-866-433-3487
Mailing AddressBank of America Privacy Assist Department
P.O. Box 220510 Chantilly,
VA 20153-0510

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