Bank of America Credit Card Payment
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Bank of America Credit Card Payment

Bank of America offers its credit card holders various options to pay for their credit card bills to make it easy for them to use and manage their credit cards. As all know, being the largest bank of the United States having its branches internationally with countries like UK, Canada, India etc., the bank offers a wide range of credit cards to its customers. These credit cards are available with various benefits and rewards and are customized for various customers who are from various categories like individual or personal, small business and corporate. Customers can choose from any of the 5 ways to go ahead with their Bank of America Credit Card Payments to pay for their various credit cards like Visa, Upromise, NEA, and American Express. These ways include:
  1. Drop Off Payment: Customers can visit any branch of the bank to pay for their credit cards. To find their nearest banking center they can use the branch locator available on the official website of the bank by providing state or city name and zip code.
  2. Pay By Phone.
  3. Online using a Checking Account or Savings Account.
  4. Online using an account from another financial institution with any account like checking or money market account.
  5. Mail Payments.
All these payment methods are available to customers as per their convenience and are different from one another.

Bank of America Credit Card Payments Online

Customers can easily pay off their credit cards bill online by enrolling themselves with online banking services of the bank which is free of cost. Once enrolled, they can login and go to Bill pay and follow the instructions provided in the "Pay To/Pay From" tab and then complete easy payments for their credit cards. Customers can also transfer money from their BofA checking or savings accounts to their Credit Card. Customers can also set up automatic payments for due date or go with one time payments, they can set up stop payments for checks and can also pay for their mortgages once they log in on the Bank of America online site.

Customers having account with any other bank or financial institution can also use online banking services to pay for their credit cards using their bank’s 9 digit routing number and account number to set up the "Pay From" account. One can also go online to find various credit card payment calculators to find their minimum payments and payoff terms.

Bank of America Credit Card Pay By Phone

Customers can also pay for their credit cards over phone by calling on 1-800-236-6497. They must note that if they are using a Bank of America Account for payments regarding to their credit card over phone, there is no additional charge, but if they use an account from any other financial institution to make payment by phone, a $15 fee is levied.

Bank of America Credit Card Payment By Mail

Customers can also mail their payments for their credit card bills at the various payment addresses of the bank. Customers can use the following address for their billing payments:

Bank of America Credit Card Payment Mailing Address

Consumer Cards:
Up-to date Payments and Late Payments
Bank of America
PO Box 15019
Wilmington, DE
Overnight Delivery:
Bank of America
Attn: Payment Processing
900 Samoset Drive
Newark, DE 19713
Business Card Payments:
All Payments
Bank of America Business Card
PO Box 15710
Wilmington, DE
Zip Code 19850-5710

Bank of America Credit Card Payment Customer Service

In case of any query, cardholders can contact the customer service department of the bank at Phone Number 1-855-891-3401. They can also get assistance on various other plans and help on ATM usage and many more programs for credit card payments. They can also query for grace period and another details by contacting the bank.

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