Bank of America Auto Loan Payoff
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Bank of America Auto Loan Payoff

Bank of America offers easy and quick modes to make Auto loan payoff. The Auto loan Payments can be made by two modes. A person can either pay in the full amount all at once or can take an auto loan or lease over some time period. One can apply for these auto loans online by visiting the BofA website. Although Auto financing increases the total cost of the auto loan as the customer is also liable for the cost of credit, as it includes the interest over the loan as well as other loan costs. The account through which payments are made can either be a bank of America account or an account from other financial institutions.

BofA offers multiple payment options to its Auto loan customers. Auto loans can be paid through the customer’s Bank of America checking account via automatic payment mode, in which payments, of a fixed amount, are automatically deducted, every month, on a particular date, from the account chosen by the customer. Another mode of Auto loan payments is through online banking. The internet banking facility makes the user transfer funds from one account to another either to make one time payment or by selecting the recurring payment option. One can also request for the eBill notification option and can set up the payment schedule of the electronic bill payment. Customers can also pay their auto loans by phone on the automated voice response system service provided by the Bank of America.

Bank of America Auto Loan Payoff Phone Number

Customers can also contact the Agent assisted loan payment department for making payments. If the customers opt for this mode of payment, they may have to pay some fee. One can also call on these numbers in order to obtain information regarding new vehicle loan, early pay off, overnight address and to make other payment related requests on the following payoff line 1.800.215.6195.

Bank of America Auto Loan Payoff Address

The auto loan payoff checks can also be sent through the postal mails. The payee must ensure that all the relevant information such as loan amount, account number, loan number etc, are included on the check or the envelope containing it. The Bank of America Auto loan payments can be sent to the following mailing address:

Bank of America
P.O. Box 15220
DE 19886-5220

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