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Ally Bank Routing Number

All the banks have their own Bank routing number or a routing transit used to identify the bank in which you have an account. Bank routing number is also known as ABA number. When customers set a automatic payment and direct payroll deposits these are also recognized by the Bank routing number or ABA number at the check processing centre. The Ally Bank routing number is usually used for making Wire transfers, Direct Deposits, ACH transactions and many more. There are many banks which have more than one routing number depending on geographical location and acquisition of the bank but Ally bank has only one routing number so whether you reside in Charlotte (North Carolina), Fort Washington (Pennsylvania), Monterrey, (Mexico), (New York), Salt Lake City (Utah), Toronto (Ontario, Canada). The routing number of Ally Bank is 124003116. The bank ABA number can be found between two symbols at the bottom of the Ally bank check and has nine digits. Routing number is also used by Federal Reserve Banks in America for making Fedwire transfers. When we do online shopping on Paypal then an account is validated by its routing number. If you want more information regarding routing number you can write a mail to the below mentioned address:

Ally Bank Customer Care
P.O. Box 951
Horsham, PA 19044

Ally Bank Wire Routing Number

You must be wondering how to use the Ally Bank routing number for making Wire transfers. If you are transferring money through Wire transfer from any other bank in America to Ally bank then customer needs to give following information:
  1. Name of the receiving bank – Ally Bank.
  2. Routing number or ABA of receiving bank - 124003116.
  3. Address of the receiving bank - 6985 Union Park Center, Midvale, UT 84047.
  4. Beneficiary Account Number of the customer - Customers Ally Bank Account Number.
  5. Beneficiary Name: Name of the customer as it appears on their Ally Bank Account.

If you want to transfer money from non American bank then customer needs to give following information:
  • Name of the receiving bank.
  • Routing number or ABA of receiving bank.
  • Address of the receiving bank.
  • Swift code or Bank Identification Code of receiving bank.
  • Beneficiary Account Number.

What is the Swift Code of Ally Bank?

Ally Bank Swift Code is ALLYUS31 and the branch of this Swift BIC is located at FORT WASHINGTON, PA, United States.

If the wire transfer is done from Ally bank to any bank:
  • Customer needs to log in to the website of Ally bank, click "communications" and after that "forms" and select the suitable wire transfer form or can call 1-877-247-ALLY(2559).
  • Download the form, print and fill the necessary information and fax it to 1-866-608-2635.
  • Once you have faxed the information then you get a call from the bank to confirm all the information.

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