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RHB Car Loan

Malaysia is considered as the hub of tourism and the mode of commuting is mostly through cars and other passenger vehicle. But off late there has been a significant rise in the car sector of the Malaysian automobile industry which has been followed by a rise in the demand of the cars. Today, most of the Malaysians prefer to commute through car and therefore they opt for the car loan. However, it has been seen that sometimes it becomes difficult for them to choose the right type of car loan and decide how much car loan should they take and hence keeping this in mind the RHB launched the RHB Car Loan where the bank provides loan to purchase passenger vehicles from franchised, authorized and panel used car dealers.

Now you do not have to give a second thought before purchasing a car as the car loan experts of the RHB Car Loan will first of all make a detailed study about your financial condition and then will give you the best opinion regarding the type of car that you should purchase. All the Malaysians aged 18 to 55 years can apply for this loan. One can apply for the car loan online by submitting some documents like Photocopy of identity card, Photocopy of applicant’s driving license, one month salary slip for salaried individuals and business registration forms for business men. Car loan is also provided by RHB Islamic under the name Vehicle Financing-i.

RHB Car Loan Calculator

For the convenience of the customers the bank provides two types of calculators in its website if you are looking for car hire purchase. One is the car installment calculator and the other is the car affordability calculator. Using these calculators is very easy. For example in the car installment calculator you will have to enter certain details like price of the car, down payment amount of the car, loan amount, interest rate, tenure for which the car loan is taken and submit it. Within seconds the calculator will calculate and give you the monthly installment amount. In the same way in the car affordability calculator also you will have to enter the Margin of Financing, Monthly Repayment, Loan Interest Rate, Loan Term and you will easily get the figure for Price of Car and Loan Amount.

If you are thinking about what are charges that will be applicable on your car loan then given below is the list of the fees and charges that will be applicable on the car loan.

Road Tax RenewalRM10
HP AgreementRM10 per agreement
Variation AgreementsRM10 per agreement
Assignment of Hire Purchase AgreementRM230 including stamp duty
Supplementary AgreementRM20 per agreement for documentation and stamp duty

How to Check RHB Car Loan Balance

If you now have a question in your mind that "How much to check RHB car loan balance?" then the answer for that is the RHB Now check balance facility. With the help of this wonderful service you can not only check how much installments you will have to pay towards your car loan but also find out the status of all your payments made towards the car loan, get a history about the previous installments that you have paid and many more. The main objective of providing this service to the customers is to help them remind about any outstanding installments or liabilities that they hold so that they do not miss out any payments and fall in the defaulters list and make early settlement of the loan.

RHB Car Loan Contact

If you have any query regarding the RHB Car loan then you can at any time contact with the Auto financing department by dialing the hotline number 1-300-888-RHB(742). If you are a customer of East Malaysia then you can dial the number 082-276118. If you have taken the Vehicle financing-I loan then you can dial the contact centre number 03 9206 8118 and 082 276 118 or send at fax number 03 9206 8088 or 082 276 088. An email can be sent to also.

If you are not satisfied with the response of the contact centre then you can write a mail to the below mentioned address:

RHB Islamic Bank Berhad,
Level 11, Menara Yayasan Tun Razak,
200 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

If you want to know further about the RHB Car Loan like about the interest rate 2012, promotion of the car loan then you can visit the website of the bank.

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