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Public Bank Insurance

We cannot compensate the loss for many things but by insuring them, we can atleast claim the monetary benefit. Today everyone is very protective when it comes to their life, health or vehicle. Insurance is not only confined within one area but has diversified itself into various forms and products like banc assurance, car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance. Public Bank Malaysia offers various types of insurance to the Malaysians be it car, health or life insurance. Given below are the various types of Insurance Plans provided by Public Bank which the customer can choose according to their convenience. All the plans are underwritten by ING Insurance Berhad, that is licensed under the Insurance Act 1996 and is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia to transact all classes of insurance business.

PB-ING one stop solution: This scheme is for people aged 18-55 years.Under this scheme there are again a number of plans that are present like One Protect, One Care, One Health, One Educate, One Lad, One Health Junior, One Basic, One Care Plus, One Health Plus, One Health Extreme which the customer can choose that suits him/her.

PB-ING BIC Income Plan: Under this scheme customer has to pay premium once in 5-year. This helps the capital of the customer grow on the basis of Brazilian, Indian and Chinese markets’ indices. 100% return of Premium paid in Australian Dollar Nominal Amount at maturity. At the end of 4 years a fixed annual Coupon is received by the customer. Good returns on investment made by the customer in Indian, Chinese and the Brazilian markets. Structured investment strategy designed to suit to market volatility. Porfolio of the customer is maintained in such a way so that it can yield good returns against fianancial shocks. Insurance coverage upon death or total and permanent disability.

PB Cash Secure Plan: This scheme is for people who died a natural death and total permanent disability. In case of accidental death and total permanent disability the family members receive double the amount of the sum insured. In case of road accident the victim or their family members receive thrice the insured amount. A year's premium is refunded to the insured in case there is no claim made while the policy is still in force, after a gap of 5 years. Protection coverage given by Public Bank Insurance is thrice the amount of premium paid by the insured. Premium rates are as low as RM 1.43 per day and can be paid by the customer via their Debit Card.

PB-ING Asian Jewels Plan: In this plan 97% of the premium that is paid by the customer is invested in a specially designed fund known as PB-ing Asian Jewels Fund that further invests in a 5 year ING Bank Bond. Good returns on Investments with Full return of capital in Australian Dollar nominal amount at maturity. Automatic lock-in mechanism to benefit from the best performing market with full coverage plans for persons with permanent disability.

PB-ING All Weather Plan: This is a 3 year short term unit linked plan which provides Life Insurance cover with full capital guarantee. Plans are designed in such a way, which gives maximum returns even during uncertain market conditions. With Return on Investment as high as 8.1% p.a.

PB Family Care PA: This is a general insurance product which covers Accidental Death and Total Permanent Disability for the insured as well as their family members. For married people, the other partner will be benefited with the same coverage. For children ING will pay 10% of the sum insured on Accidental Death. This product is created exclusively for Public Bank account holders where payment can be accepted via auto debit from your preferred account. Insurance amount is provided anytime anywhere around the world to the Public Bank Family Care PA insured person when they are faced with any uncertain conditions like death or permanent disability. Public Bank reimburses all the hospital expenses up till 3 months per accident provided that the insured after accident was in hospital for 6 continous hours. This facility is available to the Insured and spouse only. Customers can pay premium even RM1.23 per day only, depending on the type of plan the insured has chosen. Easy and Simple Enrolment Process where no medical examination is required. Premium can be paid via auto debit from the customer’s Public Bank account.

PB Cash care Plan: This type of Plan is for those who are hospitalised in any of the hospitals in Malaysia either due to accident or due to illness.Under this plan Public Bank pays all the hospital expenses starting from admission of the patient to the ICU. This plan covers both illness and accident. In case of the patient’s admission into ICU the Bank pays more. High lifetime limit for daily hospital cash benefit where it is claimable for up to 365 days (inclusive of ICU stay). A discount of 5% on premium is available in case the insurance is done for the insured’s spouse and children. Premium of RM1.33 per day can be paid automatically through debit card.

PB-ING Hire Purchase Decreasing Term Assurance: The plan offers protection to your hire purchase installments by providing peace of mind, with secured future of your loved ones. Under this plan one has to just pay the premium once to avoid any legal hassles on outstanding installments.

PB Living Income: This Scheme provides income to those people who have been paralysed with critical illness like cancer or permanent disability. Under this scheme a certain amount of money is paid to the insured for 2 years so that they can adjust with daily expenses. The bank pays the insured continuously for 2 years if they are faced with uncertain health conditions Permanent Total Disability , Critical Illness or death. Premium is as low as RM0.60 per day depending on the plan chosen by the customer.

1Malaysia Micro Protection Plan: This Plan protects the customer from any untimed ill health conditions like untimely death, disability or hospitalization, thereby making the insured’s family members and their near and dear ones feel tension free mentally as well as financially.This Plan was started by Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) for Malaysians. Premiums are as low as RM10 every month with a protection plan against Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Hospital Income.

PB Smart Income: Under this plan the insured pays premium for 10 years and he is covered under the plan for the next 20 years. At the end of the 20 years, the insured get back 120% of the total Premium Paid.
  • In addition, this plan comes with guaranteed cash value after 3rd Policy Year.
  • It pays the sum insured in a lump sum in the event of accidental death or Permanent Total Disability that occurs within 12 months from the date of the Accident.
  • The payment is doubled if the accidental death occurs whilst in a public transport, public lift or elevator or as a result of the burning of any public building.
  • Besides, this plan also covers death due to non-accidental causes. The bank will pay a lump sump benefit of {RM12,000, Plan 1 / RM24,000, Plan 2 / RM48,000, Plan 3}.
  • In the event of Permanent Total Disability due to accident, in addition to the lump sum payout of the sum insured, this plan pays a Survivor Income Benefit to help with the difficult time. This income is payable from the first anniversary of the Date of Disability and it will be doubled from the 11th year onwards. The Survivor Income Benefit will cease if the policyholder passes away, or reaches 70 years old, or recovers from the total disability.
Other than the above mentioned services Public bank Berhad provides General Insurance services like
  • Asia Shop
  • Asia Health Care
  • PublicHome Insurance
  • Public Travel Insurance
  • PublicHousemaid Insurance
  • Asia Family plus Insurance
  • Public GoldenHelper Insurance

Public Bank Insurance Customer Service

If the customer has any query regarding the insurance premium amount, types of insurance policies or to know more about Bancassurance’s Products they can anytime contact the customer care by dialing the hotline number at 1-800-22-9999 (Toll Free Number) to find out more or by sending an email at

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