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MayBank Online Banking

The MayBank online banking service has made the life of the people more easily thereby helping them to conduct banking transaction without visiting the bank branch. You can now very easily view all your accounts, pay bills, top up your prepaid mobile, do business banking related activities, open any type of account including a savings account, and even make investments online. For enjoying all these countless number of banking services you need to apply for the MayBank online banking by filling up an application form online or by downloading the application form from the website of the bank, filling it up with all the required details and then submit it to the nearest bank branch.

MayBank Online Banking Login

You can enjoy the online banking services of the MayBank Malaysia by login in to your online banking account with your username and password. Incase you have forgotten your password you can also reset the password by clicking on the button of self reset password and providing some important details like Login Username, ATM Card or Credit Card or Access number and submit it the password will be reset. However, if you are login in for the first time then you will have to sign up or register yourself by following a simple registration process.

Step-1: In the first step you will have to accept the terms and conditions.
Step-2: In this step you will be asked to provide your access number, PIN number and then click on the button "Activate".
Step-3: This is the last step where you will be asked to select a username and password.

Once you have provided all the login details a message "your registration is successful" will appear in your computer system and you can at anytime make ebanking login. If you face any type of problem while registering yourself you see the demo of online banking by clicking on

Customers must note that their account will not be operational if they do not login to M2U for three months, and will be deactivated automatically if the account remains idle for six months.

MayBank Online Banking Business

In order to serve the business banking customers better the bank introduced the online banking business. There are numerous benefits which you as a business banking customer can enjoy like get an online account summary, make a request for cheque book, transfer funds to own account, 3rd Party and cancel future transfer, pay bills online, view your Foreign Currency Account (FCA) and Master Foreign Currency Account (MFCA) and many more. All the partnership, professional practices and private limited companies can apply for this account by filling up the electronic banking services application form. Some important documents like Mandate Letter in case of Small Businesses, Circular Resolution for SMEs and 3rd Party Funds Transfer/Interbank GIRO/Bill payment registration form for Private Limited Company should be submitted.

By the virtue of MayBank online banking you can get a month’s account statement history. For your convenience given below is the table of the type of accounts which you can see online and also the time period

Account TypeTime Period
Passbookless Savings Account1 cycle or 3 months’ statements
Current Accounts3 months’ statements
(1 present + 2 previous)
Credit Cards3 months’ statements
(1 present + 2 previous)
Trading Accounts3 months’ statements
Monthly Statement - (1 present + 2 previous)
Daily Statement 30 days

If you want to make any type of online banking enquiries or face any type of problem like server down then you can at anytime dial the Customer Care hotline numbers 1-300 88 6688 or 603-7844 3696 24 hours daily, including holidays. Please remember that you might be prone to phishing scams that is receive a phone call, SMS or email where you will be asked to provide personal or security information or TAC and hence it is requested not to respond to any such things and immediately report it to the customer department of the bank.

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