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MayBank Credit Card Payment

Today we make every type of payment using the credit card. Whether it comes to paying for shopping, restaurant or at any of the food outlets the credit card makes it very easier and convenient. But often it becomes very much difficult to make the credit card payment and the credit card holders find it difficult to make the payment. Maybank understands the problem and hence allows its cardholders a number of options through which they can pay off all their outstanding credit card payments. There are three methods through which one can make the credit card payment that is through online, by writing a cheque and also through Merchant Programme. Hence, it does not matter whether you stay at Singapore or at Malaysia you can make the Maybank Credit Card Payment and settle all your outstanding bills before the due date.

Maybank Credit Card Payment Online

This facility of credit card payment is only available for the Maybank savings, current account and credit card holders. With this credit card payment option you can pay more than 600 bills to 118 payee corporations including ASTRO, Celcom, JPA and PTPTN, Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Tenaga Nasional Berhad. You can also schedule all your bill payments. For enjoying this wonderful credit card online payment service you will have to register yourself which is very easy and simple. As soon as you register yourself you can add the payee to your favorite list by clicking on 'Add as Favourite Payee’.

Please remember that you can add a maximum of 20 payee corporations name in the payee list. The bank also gives the option of registering the payee for Recurring Bill Payments in which all the payments will be made automatically from your account to your payee’s account every month before the due date. You must be thinking now are there any annual fee or charges that is charged for using this service. Well, for using this service 50sen is charged upon successful transaction to payee corporations. In addition to this, you can also give an e standing instruction to the bank for making auto debit of the account before the due date. You can be at complete peace of mind while making credit card payments online as all the transactions are done using TAC that is through a Transaction Authorisation Code.

Maybank Credit Card Payment Cheque

Maybank offers a convenient credit payment option through cheque which makes it easier for the credit card holders to make the payments. One can make the payment through cheque by following some simple and easy steps that are given below:

Step-1: Write all the account numbers on the cheque deposit slip that is the 12 digits Bank account number, 15 digits Amex credit card account number and the 16 digits Visa or MasterCard credit card account numbers.

Step-2: On the cheque deposit slip write the full name of the account holder.

Step-3: Incase you are depositing more than one cheque add up the total number of cheques.

Step-4: Write the credit card numbers and the amounts to be settled individually.

Step-5: Mention full details of the transaction like description and reference number.

Please remember that you should not write the ATM card number, savings passbook number or IC number as the account number on the cheque deposit slip and do not deposit any post-dated cheque. As soon as you make the payment through cheque your account will be updated in the same day.

Maybank Credit Card Payment Gateway

This is yet another convenient way which provides an easy and convenient way for making credit card payments to the web-based merchants. Also known by the name of Merchant Programme this type of Maybank credit card payment option helps the customers to verifying the authentication of the merchant and also the reliability of transaction data. All the Sole proprietors, other business set-ups and organizations can apply for this credit card payment option. In order to apply for this service one can download the application form from the website of the bank and send it to the below mentioned address.

Merchant Business Department
Card Business Group
Malayan Banking Berhad
38th Floor, Menara Maybank
100, Jalan Tun Perak
50050 Kuala Lumpur

If you have any query regarding the Maybank Credit card payment then you can at anytime dial the Maybank Group Customer Care hotline numbers 1300 88 6688 or +603 7844 3696 and seek assistance.

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