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CIMB Petronas Credit Card

CIMB Petronas Credit Card carries many benefits which are incomparable in credit card market of Malaysia. You get 2% rebate on each spending on Petronas service stations and Mesra Outlets and 0.5% rebate on other financial transactions. ‘i pay’ plan is a flexi plan under which you can extend your payments up to 20 months. Other advantages include discount on live celebrity concert tickets, up to RM 1 Million travel insurance and Luxurious Suite at the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, KLCC. These offers make Petronas cards of CIMB Bank, one of the most sought after cards of Malaysia. Another important feature of this credit card is the presence of no annual fee and no joining costs.

CIMB Petronas Card Requirements

The card is being given to customers who fulfill certain eligibility requirements which are mentioned below:

Annual Income Requirements:For Classic Cards: RM 18,000
For Gold Cards: RM 30,000
For Platinum Cards: RM 80,000
Documents Required:
  • Photocopy of IC (of both sides) as well as for supplementary applicant, current salary slips or
  • EA Form or Form B/BE along with income tax receipt or
  • EPF; for self-employed persons, either business registration certificate or form 9/24/49 and last 3 months bank statements.

These requirements must be in addition to the basic requirements for a CIMB bank petronas MasterCard which is the applicant must be citizen of Malaysia and have completed the age of 21 years at the time of application. If all conditions are fulfilled and documents are ready, one can start the application process which is quite simple with a small processing time. Once processing is done, approval of card is made and the activation process follows.

CIMB Petronas Card Fees and Charges

The famous CIMB Petronas card gives many benefits to the card holders but all these features and benefits attracts some costs and charges which one must be aware of. For your reference, various fees levied on different transactions of CIMB Petronas Card are being given here:

Annual Fees:For Principal cards: there is no annual fee but for supplementary card, the fee structure is as:

For Platinum cards: waived for life
Gold cards: First Year no fee, from second year onwards RM70
Classic cards first year no fee, second year onwards RM35
APR:The card is available at variable APR as per details given below:
  1. If minimum payment due has been settled for 12 consecutive months: 13.5% / annum.
  2. If minimum payment has been paid for a minimum of 10 months in 12 months cycle: 1.333% / month or 16% / annum.
  3. If the payment record is different from above two: 17.5% / annum.
Cash Advance fees:5% of the amount withdrawn or minimum of RM15.
Minimum per month Repayment:5% of outstanding balance/ minimum of RM50.
Card Replacement Charges:RM10, 1st time. RM50 other times.
Overseas Transactions:The conversion rate as decided by MasterCard International along with 1% of transaction as administrative cost.
Late Payment Charges:Applicable only if the minimum payment due is not paid within three days of the due date.
The charges are 1% of the total outstanding balance as on the date of statement subject to a minimum of RM5 and maximum of RM 50.

You can send online application form for activation of this card. Promotion efforts by CIMB were very successful as the number of Petronas Card holders increased by many time which can also be seen as the effect of introducing the same card for Islamic banking. Redemption of your bonus points can fetch you amazing gifts and rewards and process of redemption is very easy and available online. Balance transfer scheme helped the bank retain its member base as many members could get rid of their debt burden. You can contact credit card customer service centre for further details at

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