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CIMB iTrade

CIMB i Trade or I*Trade@CIMB is a platform for the people who want to trade online in stocks and shares, place an order and also manage their portfolio in such a way that the return on investments could be maximum. This service was introduced by CIMB Investment Bank Berhad which is the investment banking group of CIMB Group. CIMB Bank has a dedicated team of researchers and technical analysts who prepare regional research reports and technical charts that helps the investors to study the market trends before investing.

Investors can obtain FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI and Malaysia Futures live quotes. They can also access iTrade service on their iPhone, iPad, and can subscribe to mTrade@CIMB for trading with mobile phone and iTradePro@CIMB for trading in equities and futures. Investors can access cross border market trading information including SGX, HKSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE. Thus, using this online trading service, individuals can trade share anytime and from anywhere. This service is also available for the customers of Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Following are the features of CIMB I trade account:

1. Facility of one login ID for access to six exchanges, namely Bursa Malaysia Securities (Bursa Malaysia), Singapore Exchange (SGX), Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

2. A single trading limit for six stock exchanges.

3. Option of selecting trade settlements in MYR or Foreign Traded Currencies at the point of trade execution at the Order Pad, with indicative foreign currencies exchange rates readily displayed for your convenience.

4. You can manage and trade your trading account from around the world anytime.

5. Higher purchasing power of up to 3 times multiple on cash and 2 times multiple on share value pledged as collateral, including selected foreign shares.

6. Real-time portfolio management and client summary.

7. Availability of Good-Till-Date trading feature.

8. Access to live market data subscription for foreign shares.

9. Customers can login to CIMB Research website for access to information about regional equities, economics and fix income reports.

CIMB I Trade Login

Customers are allowed to trade online after creating an online account with the bank. All the individuals aged 18 years or above are eligible to open this account. However, businessman and corporates are not eligible for this. Customers can start trading in this account with a minimum deposit of RM 10,010 only. Below are the methods discussed for opening an online trading account

For Non-Existing I*Trade@CIMB Clients: Customers can visit the website of CIMB I trade and download the Individual/Corporate Account Application Form, General Terms & Conditions or the W-8BEN Form (PDF) and print them. After this they are required to fill all the details in the form in the presence of the Dealer’s Representatives or CIMB Bank Share Trading Centre Authorized Officers. Customers are required to open a Central Depository System (“CDS”) account after filling the Central Depository forms that are available at Bursa Depository Sdn Bhd and CIMB Investment Bank Head Office.

For existing i*Trade@CIMB Clients: For this, customers are required to accept the General Terms & Conditions, download the Online Non-Ringgit Securities Trading Application Form and W-8BEN Form and fill them in the presence of the Dealer’s Representatives or CIMB Bank Share Trading Centre Authorised Officers. After this, the client can trade in Bursa Malaysia and in foreign stock exchanges like SGX, HKEx, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.

For existing i*Trade@CIMB Singapore [SG] client: This is mainly for a Cross Border Trading client who wants to trade in Foreign Stock Exchanges like SGX, HKEx, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. To apply for this account, the customer has to register by following the below mentioned steps:
  • Login with the existing i*Trade@CIMB [MY] online User ID and Password.
  • Click and select.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and continue.
  • After accepting the Online Non-Ringgit Terms & Conditions at i*Trade@CIMB, the Non-Ringgit facility will be activated within an hour.

How to trade via CIMB i Trade

CIMB Clicks offers two modes of trading online and offline. First of all to start trading, one needs to have an approved Online Trading Account with CIMB Investment Bank Berhad and needs to register at i*Trade@CIMB. Once the account is activated, one can start trading in shares in Bursa Malaysia, SGX, HKEx, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.
  • Online trading via i*Trade@CIMB: The procedure is very simple as you just have to visit the website and view the online trading demo where the tutorial guides you about how to trade.
  • Offline trading via phone: Customers can place their order through their mobile phones by dialing the number of the dealer’s representative or the central dealing team. For Malaysia Night Desk Dealer support, the number is (603) 2096 1655.

CIMB I Trade Game

This is a type of a stock game where the investors are provided with a real time situation of trading. This way they can habituate themselves with the trading environment. Investors can take part in this game after registering themselves on the CIMB I trade website.

CIMB I-Trade charges

Given below are the fees and charges of my i-trade along with the brokerage rates.

Service FeeWaived (no service fee)
CDS Account OpeningAs per Bursa Depository charges, RM10
CDS Transfer FeeAs per Bursa Depository charges, RM10 per counter
Brokerage0.0388% or RM8.88 (whichever is higher) per matched order per session
Clearing FeeAs per Bursa Depository charges, 0.03%
Stamp DutyRM1 per RM1,000. Maximum charge of RM200

CIMB I Trade Mobile

The CIMB I trade application can also be used in mobile phones like blackberry, android, I phone and I pad. By downloading the application in their phones, customers can enjoy a plethora of services like Bursa Malaysia Equities, Derivatives Real-Time Streaming Feed, Symbol Search, Watchlist, Stock Info, Market news, Intraday & Historical Charts, Stock News, Market Summary, Order Status & Order Details, Multi-Instrument Order Pad and Portfolio.

CIMB Trade Services Centre

For more information, contact the Customer Service Representatives at (603) 2084 9890 or through email at

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