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CIMB Enrich Card

CIMB Enrich Card is a special type of credit card that is exclusively designed for upper class people. By using CIMB Enrich Card customers can make payments while shopping, pay their bills in restaurant and many more. There are three types of CIMB Enrich Cards like CIMB Enrich WORLD MasterCard, CIMB Enrich Platinum MasterCard, CIMB Enrich Gold MasterCard. A person needs to attain the age of 21 for the principal card and 18 years for getting the supplement card and a minimum income of 100000 p.a. is required.

CIMB Enrich WORLD Master Card: If you want to use this card your income should be RM 50000.By choosing this card you are rewarded with an additional ticket when you fly in First Class or Business Class with Malaysian Airlines. Fare First Class or Business Class ticket to selected Malaysia Airlines destinations. You can also earn 2 Enrich Miles for spending RM4 on overseas retail transactions and get discounts on dinners. Not only this, you can also get travel insurance coverage up to RM 100000.

CIMB Enrich Platinum Master Card: Customers whose income is This card enables the customer to shop while traveling by plane and avail discounts on purchase. Apart from this they also get discounts in all the merchandise stores located across Malaysia. In this you earn 1 Enrich miles on spending RM1.

CIMB Enrich Gold MasterCard: Customers are given a bi- monthly promotional leaflet using which they can get rebate on purchases. They can also earn 1.5 enrich miles by spending only RM6.

CIMB Enrich Credit Card Application

Customers can download the application form by visiting the website of CIMB Enrich. There are various types of card names in the form which the customer can choose according to their convenience. After that they can fill the form by providing all the relevant details like personal details, home address, employment details, supplement card details etc. Then, the customers are requested to scan it and send it either to the fax number 03-2381 5533 or mail it to

CIMB Enrich Card Promotion

CIMB Enrich card in collaboration with E- Malaysia is providing a lucrative opportunity to the platinum and gold credit card customers to fly with them in the business class. This promotional campaign is known as One for One Business class offer. Yo can seek for the promo code online or by calling at customer centre. This offer is valid till 31st December 2012.

CIMB Enrich Card Fees And Charges

Annual Fee
FEES & CHARGES for CIMB Enrich Cards
Card TypeMasterCardVisa
Principal & SuppPrincipal & Supp
2nd Year OnwardsRM388 for pricipal
for Supp is waived
RM168 for pricipal
for Supp is waived
Joining FeeNo joining fee
Finance Chargesas per banks rule
Government Service TaxRM 50 in case of each principal card.
RM 25 for each supplementary card
Cash Advance Fee5% or a minimum of RM 15, whichever is higher.
Minimum Monthly Repayment5% of the outstanding balance or RM 50 whichever is higher.
Late Payment Charge1% of the total outstanding balance or a minimum of RM 10
Interest-Free Period20 days from statement date

If the customer faces any problem while using the cards or has any query about how to use the cards they can dial the hotline numbers 03 - 6204 7799 for Platinum and 03 - 6204 7788 for Gold and Classic. They can also send an email to for further clarification.

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