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AmBank Home Loan

The soaring real estate prices are adding to the cost of the homes which is making it difficult for the Malaysians to purchase a home of their desired choice. But with the AmBank Home Loan its easier to take a home loan with simple application process and competitive rate of interest. You can avail this loan either for purchasing a new home or for renovating the existing ones. There are numerous benefits that one can enjoy with the AmBank Home Loan like option of choosing either a term loan or a combination of both term loan and overdraft, facility of make extra repayments in order to reduce the interest amount on loan, flexibility of managing the frequency and the size of the loan repayments.

Following are the types of Home Loans packages that are provided by AmBank:

Home Link: The AmBank Home Link plan is connected to our Current Account as soon as you opt for this type of home loan so that you can earn high interest rates. The main benefit of opening this account is that you can withdraw funds from this account at anytime either through cheque book or ATM, the more balance you keep in the current account the higher is the savings on the interest rate.

Family 1st HomePlan: This is a type of home loan where the interest rate for the first five years remains fixed. This type of loan is mainly opted by those people who are purchasing home for the first time.

The AmBank Home Loan application form can be downloaded online. All you need is to gather some important documents like copy of NRIC, Passport, sales and purchase, last three months salary slips for salaried individuals and the annual statement in case of businessmen. Once the applicants are ready with the application process and all the required documents they can pay a visit to the nearest bank branch and submit them.

AmBank Home Loan Interest Rate 2012

The interest rate offered on the AmBank Home Loan package is 6.60% p.a. and the rate is calculated on the basis of total amount of loan taken and the tenure for which the loan is taken. Apart from the interest rate there are other processing fee that is charged by the bank on the home loan which is given in the below mentioned table:

Up to 30,000RM 50
30,0001 to 100,000RM 100
100,000 and aboveRM 200

AmBank Home Loan Calculator

The AmBank Home Financing Calculator is a very useful tool that is provided by the bank in its website. The calculator helps the loan borrower to determine the monthly installment that you have to make every month and the amount of money that you can save by making extra principal repayments. It is very easy to make use of the calculator as one will have to enter some basic figures like financing amount, tenure for which the loan is taken, enter the estimated date of paying the first installment, select the repayment frequency and press the button calculate.

AmBank Home Loan Islamic

AmBank Home Loan Islamic is mainly offered in accordance with the Syrian principles. The bank offers two kinds of Islamic Home loans. They are given as follows:

Home Financing-i: The margin of financing offered under this loan is up to 90% with a repayment period of 30 years. All the Malaysian citizens aged 18 years and above with a monthly income that is three times the installment amount are eligible to apply for the loan. Other benefits of the loan include low interest rates for the first year, legal fee waiver if the loan is taken for refinancing and many more.

Flexi Home Financing-I: This loan is available at variable rate of interest with a maximum repayment tenure of 30 years. He loan can be taken for both residential as well as commercial purposes. The most attractive feature of the loan is that if the loan is repaid early then one can get a rebate on the interest rate.

AmBank Home Loan Contact

For any query related to the AmBank Home Loan Package you can dial the mentioned phone numbers

Within Malaysia: 1300808888
Outside Malaysia: (603) 21788888

For more information related to the AmBank Home Loan one can also send an email to

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