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SBI Wire Transfer

Making wire transfer have never been so easier as is with the SBI Wire Transfer. By using this service you can easily send money to anyone in India and outside India. The facility allows you to directly credit money or funds in to the beneficiary’s account within minutes. You can also make international remittances to USA, Canada, China, Australia and many other countries by using the swift code MT103.

The maximum limit for remittance is USD 10,000 or equivalent to individual customers. The most important benefit of this service is that there is no maximum limit for remittance in Indian currency. Even NRIs can make a wire transfer to India from any of the SBI's 490 bank branches across the globe.

Following are the features of the SBI Wire Transfer:
  • Money is transferred to the beneficiary’s account within one business day.
  • Remittances can be sent to India from any part of the world.
  • Money is even credited to the other bank’s beneficiary’s’ account by next working day.
  • Remittance can also be tracked through helpline number.

SBI Wire Transfer Fees and Charges

The bank imposes a Foreign Currency Conversion charge of Rs 25 on every remittance. Given below is the table for the various other fees and charges of the SBI wire transfer.

GBP AmountFee for Direct CreditFee for Draft Issue & CourierNEFT/ RTGS
50 – 500No chargesRs. 100Rs. 100
Above 500No chargesNo chargesNo charges

SBI Wire Transfer Form

For making a wire transfer to India you will have to fill up a form. The form can be downloaded in the PDF format from the website of the bank. In the application form you will be asked to provide some important details of the beneficiary like name, address, account number, beneficiary’s bank, branch name and code, swift code. Then you will be asked to provide details about the intermediary bank that is the bank from which you are transferring the money. Given below is the sample format that is given for the convenience of the Customers, please remember these details are subjected to change according to the location of the bank.

NUMBER: 0260-0914-0
CHIPS UID: 034282

If you want to initiate wire transfer from Canada then apply the swift code SBINCATX. Kindly, mention the name of the SBI branch as well as the branch code of the beneficiary’s bank. You are also required t give instructions to the bank if you want to transfer money in foreign currency like conversion of the currency in to Rupees if you are transferring money to India, getting permission of the beneficiary for wire transfer and specifying the number of years for which the FCNR will be issued, applying the current exchange rate. If you want to know more details about the SBI Wire transfer then you can connect with the IRC helpline at the below mentioned contact numbers and email ids:

TelephoneEmailTime IST
+91-33-2288 to 17.00
+91-33-2288 to 17.00

Last Updated On: 2012/09/21

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