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PNB Money Transfer

Whether you are an individual staying in India, Nepal or in any other country the PNB Money Transfer makes it easier for you to send money from India to abroad or receive money from any foreign country including USA or UK. This money transfer service of the bank is fast, convenient and user friendly. You can also transfer your funds from PNB to any other bank in India like HDFC or SBI. There are a wide range of money transfer options that are given by the bank to all its customers. Since the need to transfer money is not only confined to the retail customers but also the business customers the bank therefore also allows corporates as well as the businessmen to use the money transfer service of the bank and give their business a new edge.

Following are the ways through which one can transfer money to India:

Xpress Money: Punjab National Bank in association with the M/s UAE Exchange Financial Services Ltd for transferring money from Gulf to India through the "Xpress Money transfer service. Under this money transfer services the beneficiary can collect a maximum amount of Rs 50,000 from any PNB branch. One can remit a maximum of 30 remittances in a year.

MoneyGram: One can send money to India from any where around the world through the MoneyGram. This money transfer service is offered by the bank in association with the M/s Thomas Cook India Ltd and M/s UAE Exchange Financial Services Ltd. The maximum amount of single remittance under this system is US $2500 or its equivalent. This money transfer service is mainly used for transferring money from USA to India. This service is offered by M/s Inc USA which is a subsidiary of Xoom Corporation. One can only send personal remittances like money for maintenance of family. Trade related remittances are not allowed in this service.

EzREMIT: This service can be used for transferring money from any place around the world to India. The maximum limit for individual remittance is Rs 50,000.

Western Union: This service is provided by the bank in association with the Weizmann Forex Ltd. Traderelated remittances are not allowed in this money transfer service one can remit money only for personal purposes. The maximum number of remittances under this service is 30 in a single receipt per year.

PNB Money Transfer Form

The PNB Money Transfer form can be downloaded here or from the bank’s website in PDF format. Individuals can download the form and fill it up with some important details like name of the beneficiary, bank details, remitter details and submit it to the nearest bank branch. The bank will send a notification through SMS or by sending an email once the remittance is executed.

PNB Money Transfer Online

One can also transfer money online with the help of Punjab National Bank net banking. This facility is known as NEFT or the National Electronic Fund Transfer System. Some of the most important benefits of transferring money through the NEFT are that it reduces the risk that might arise due to the loss of instrument, there is no limit on the amount of money transfer, this facility is available at all the core banking branches of the Punjab National Bank, the funds are transferred on the same day. Another most attractive feature of transferring money online is that one does not have to pay any service charges for transferring money up to Rs. 100000. However, the bank charges Rs. 16.50 per transaction for making transferring money above Rs. 100000 and Rs. 27.50 per transaction when the transfer amount is above Rs 200000.

PNB Money Transfer through ATM

Now you do not have to go in to the hassle of transferring money either through online or by visiting any money transferring agency as you can transfer funds to any place by just visiting the nearest PNB ATM. Money can be transferred to Punjab National Bank accounts as well as to other bank accounts also. The bank issues two add on cards to all its Debit card holders and that too as a freebie in the name of spouse or children. Hence, with these cards one can transfer a maximum amount of Rs 1 lakh per day.

If you have any type of query regarding the PNB Money Transfer Service then you can dial the below mentioned phone numbers

Queries related to PNB Money transfer: (022) 22627511/22627526/ (011) 23765326, 23710021 Ext. 224
Call centre: 0120-2490392 / 0120-2490394
Outward or Inward NEFT: (022) 22627523

You can also send a fax to the number (022) 22673797 or send an email to

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