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Axis Bank Travel Card

Axis Bank’s Travel Card is nothing but a travel currency card which has been brought up to change the whole experience of traveling abroad to a more memorable and safer one. Carrying cash outside India has always been a rough task. Moreover, while the airport security limits the amount of cash which can be carried. It is heartbreaking, when one wants to carry and spend more. This is surely the way out for such people.

There’s nomore a need for worrying about the traveler’s cheques or money lenders. Because this all has been sorted out now. All the money can now just be uploaded on this card as per the exchange rate, and used across the globe with 24 hour access to it.

Axis Bank Travel Card Features

  • This card is currently available in the denominations of US Dollars, Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, Swedish Kroner, Saudi Riyals (SAR) and Dirhams (AED).
  • Available on both VISA and MASTERCARD platforms.
  • Unlimited access to the uploaded money, at any time of the day or night.
  • A four digit pin ensures the security of the money that has been put in on the card.
  • After returning back, the money left on the card can be encashed by filling a refund form, or transferred to a Resident Foreign Currency Domestic Account or just left on the card for any future trips ( if not more than $2000 ).
  • The card can also be used for online purchases on websites outside India. So online shopping across the globe has also been made easy.
  • The person is saved from the hassle of balance check from an ATM machine; rather he/she will receive SMS alerts on the registered mobile number.
  • There is no activation required for further abroad trips before the expiry date.
  • There’s no minimum balance required to be kept on the card for continued service.
  • The maximum withdrawal which can be done, depends on the money that has been uploaded on the card.

How to apply

An application form needs to be filled at any of the nearby Axis Bank branches. Or can be downloaded from here. Documents are required to be submitted along with the application form, as given under for verifying the details of the customer.

Axis Bank Travel Card Documents Required

  • A passport is mandatory at the time of the purchase of the card, and not at the time of reload.
  • Form A2 not required for amount lesser than $5000, and required for amount greater than $5000.
  • Visa is mandatory for the purchase, but not for reload of the card, if for the same trip.
  • Airline ticket is also mandatory for purchase of the card, but not for recharge of the card for the same trip. But for another trip’s refill, the airline ticket would be required too.
  • Form 60 is compulsory when PAN/ GIR is not available.
Lost Card Liability: For claiming insurance under lost card liability, a claim form from the bank needs to be filled, a letter from the customer, passport copy, copy of tickets/ boarding pass, copy of FIR, and a statement of Travel card account is required.

Axis Bank Travel Card Fees and Charges

For USD, EURO, GBP, AUD and CAD the initial sale charges are Rs. 150 + taxes. Similarly for CHF, JPY, SGD and SEK the same charges being Rs. 250 + taxes. And for AED and SAR, the initial charges being Rs. 300 + taxes. Reload fee for USD, EURO, GBP, AUD and CAD is Rs. 100 + taxes. For CHF, JPY, SGD and SEK are Rs. 150 + taxes. And for AED and SAR, the same charges being Rs. 200 + taxes. There are no transaction charges on this card as per the terms and conditions.

Axis Bank Travel Card Customer Care Number

One can contact on the 24- hour helpline number 91-22-67987700 for any queries or complaints and to report a lost or stolen card or for balance enquiry. The Bank has also set up an email helpdesk ( ) dedicated to providing information services.

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