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Axis Bank Internet Banking

For the people who are in want of an ease of access, Axis Bank Internet Banking is one of the most enticing facilities available. The time saving approach to deal with all the daily bank transactions is what makes it a perfect deal. Most of the bank related work can be handled online via this service. Services like NETSECURE take the security of the account to a very high end, which rules out the major problems of people distrusting the internet transactions. This service is available on the website Internet banking being a secured facility, gets deactivated every 15 days if not used. And there is an activation form available online to deal with this problem.

Axis Bank Internet Banking Features

With the help of Axis Bank Internet banking, the customers can enjoy the following features and benefits:
  • Easy to register via online/offline application form.
  • For regular users, rewards in the form of gift cards are awarded.
  • It makes it easier to view all bank account related details at a single place.
  • Unlimited value added services are available, which make life more comfortable to deal with.
  • Funds transfer has become much simpler and less time consuming than writing cheques or visiting the bank.
  • Many other services such as cheque book request, demand draft, stop cheque payment and etc are also available.

Axis Bank Internet Banking Netsecure

It is the latest facility being provided by AXIS BANK that adds a second layer of security to the online banking transactions. It is a much secured system, wherein two different parameters (one like login id and password and second, a single usage password that one receives while conducting the transaction) are used together to verify the identity on the Internet and to ensure heightened security online. It is mandatory to register for NETSECURE to transfer funds online. Once registered, the individual will receive the Code - a single usage password that will ensure double security for the online fund transfers. One can choose between three types of NETSECURE:

  • NETSECURE with SMS (using the mobile phone).
  • NETSECURE with WebPin (registration of a computer).
  • NETSECURE with 1-Touch (a small hardware device).
There are charges only for the NETSECURE with 1-Touch, which is Rs.800 per 1-Touch device and Rs. 500 as replacement charges per 1-Touch device.

Axis Bank Internet Banking Services

Through Net banking with Axis bank, the customers can enjoy surplus services offered by it. The Axis Bank internet banking services include:
  • Requesting for a cheque book.
  • Downloading an account statement.
  • Requesting for a stop cheque payment.
  • Viewing account details.
  • Balance enquiry.
  • Viewing credit card details.
  • Paying credit card bills.
  • Viewing Demat account details.
  • Redeeming debit card loyalty points.
  • Apply online for IPO.
  • Viewing portfolio summary/ snapshot.
  • Viewing loan account details.
  • Mailing facility.
  • Registering for an e-statement.
  • Editing personal profile details.
  • Registering for sms banking.
  • Transferring funds to own Axis Bank account
  • creating a Fixed Deposit.
Some services are available only with internet banking with NETSECURE. These are enlisted below:
  • Transferring funds to the other bank account.
  • Transferring funds to other Axis Bank account.
  • Transferring funds to Visa Credit Card.
  • Requesting for a demand draft.
  • Recharging mobile.
  • Shopping online and paying using Axis Bank Internet Banking.
  • Pay utility bills.

Axis Bank Internet Banking Charges

Axis Bank net banking involves nominal charges. Transaction up to Rs. 1 lakh is charged with Rs. 20 as transaction fee. While transactions above Rs. 1 lakh are levied with a fee of Rs.2.00 per 1000. A charge of Rs. 1.50 per 1000 is levied over transactions above Rs.10 lakh. Money transfers up to Rs. 2, 00,000 between two bank branches involves no charge.

How to Register for Axis Bank Internet Banking

Here is the procedure involved for the registration of internet banking in Axis Bank:
  • Download Form from here.
  • Fill the account details correctly.
  • Read the instructions overleaf before signing.
  • The form must be signed by all account holders.
  • Submit the form to any of the Axis Bank branch offices.
  • While submitting the form at the branch, register the mobile number for Internet Banking (Netsecure), in case it's not registered. (This 2nd factor authentication ensures that one enjoys an additional security layer for all your important online transactions like fund transfer, bill payment, mobile recharge etc.)
  • One can also register the mobile number for Internet Banking by visiting the nearest Axis Bank ATM.
  • Axis Bank will send you the passwords by mail.
  • After receiving the passwords log in to Internet Banking.
  • There will be a message asking to register for Netsecure (2nd factor authentication). Click there to register.
  • Choose the mode to opt for.
  • Enter the mobile number and Submit.
To access the account online, Users are required to have a 9 digit customer id (as mentioned on welcome letter or cheque book) along with the following passwords.
  • Login Password: allows user to view account details.
  • Transaction Password: for bill payment, fund transfers, mobile recharge etc.
  • Netsecure code.
  • Axis Bank Internet Banking Customer Care Number

    In case of any complaints or issues such as phishing attacks, unauthorized transactions or any other queries, contact the toll free helpline no. 1800-233-5577 or 1800-209-5577. Or you can send an email at

    Last Updated On: 07/25/2012

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